IGN Reviews Double Dribble: This 8-bit hoops sim is better left on the bench

Lucas Thomas writes:

"So, overall, Double Dribble earns itself a solid rating of "pass it by." It can be fun and nostalgic to sit down and compete with a friend in two-player mode, but it's just such a basic and old design that even any early appeal it might have won't last long. What's most encouraging about Double Dribble coming to the VC, though, isn't anything about this particular game – it's that it's a sports game from Konami. And old-school players know that sports games, from Konami, from the NES, also include Blades of Steel. That's a title that's aged much more gracefully over the years, so let's hope that Double Dribble's Wii Shop debut is a sign that the Steelers will be skating again soon.

...and maybe we'll get a better basketball game somewhere in the next 200 VC releases."


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