Activision Refutes MTV's Accusation on Rock Band PS3 Patch

Officials from Activision has responded to MTV Games' accusation that they are holding up a PS3 patch that would allow PS3 Guitar Hero controllers to work with Rock Band. Activision says that it was actually Harmonix that declined Activision's offer to reach an agreement.

Here's the statement in full...

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Douchebaggery4740d ago

This is better than a telenovela.

ruibing4740d ago

What kind of possible agreement could Activision need? The fact that the 360 already allows compatibility means there shouldn't need to be one. I hate being screwed over, even if its unintentional, so since I can't return GHIII, I'm just going to avoid buying Activision games until they resolve this matter.

EHILL4740d ago

I have a feeling agreement means and certain amount of money needs to exchange hands. Don't ask me why...I'm just sayin.

jackdoe4740d ago

The 360 version allows it because it isn't proprietary Activision technology inside the controller, it is proprietary MS tech that Rock Band also utilizes. PS3 is open, so the guitar is proprietary Activision tech and as such, does not work on Rock Band. Activision of course wants a cut back for this, but IMO all they are doing is hurting sales. The only way to get an Activision controller in the first place is to buy GHIII so allowing Rock Band to use the controller doesn't hurt their sales of GHIII in any way.

wolfgang4732d ago

How does Activision abusing the PS3 users is greedy Bill's fault ? Please explain and specify if you are an Activision Fanboy or a PS3 fanboy (or a human, because humans hate B. Gates)

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EHILL4740d ago

Can these two companies just end their cat fight and do whats right for PS3 users?

biomajor094740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I am assuming the agreement would involve some form of monetary compensation and that is the reason why HMX refused.

mccomber4740d ago

Definitely sounds like "reach a (monetary) agreement". Can't they just pull hair and slap each other like the teenage girls they obviously are, release the patch and have this over with?

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The story is too old to be commented.