Xbox Live Coverage of Tokyo Game Show and X06

Gamers don't have to be on the Tokyo Game Show and X06 guest lists to have a front row seat to all of the action, because this year Xbox brings these event show floors to you. Following on from the success of "E3: Bringing It Home," Xbox is inviting all gamers to enjoy exclusive access via Xbox Live Marketplace to Tokyo Game Show, the largest show from the world's second largest gaming market, and X06, the ultimate Microsoft games showcase.

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PS360WII5853d ago

Swwweeeettt ^^
Sorry got over excited. I'm happy I have Live to download all that goodness into my harddrive!

Evoluti0n5853d ago

Originally it was said that the events would only be for Japan, to download over Live...does that mean that us here in the US can get the action now too?

f1r3waII K1LL3r5853d ago

yes I have been waiting for this

beans5853d ago

This is great news for 360 owners with Live! It's these little things that show me that MS is doing everthing and anything they can to keep me satisfied! This news alone has somehow turned my next two weeks into this like holiday feeling if any of you can understand were im coming from! Tgs will be great to hear about but even better to experience from my home!

clayton5853d ago

I totally agree, microsoft switched me from pc to xbox and xbox 360 with their live service. Nothing in the PC realm touches it.

DrunKao5853d ago

Does anyone know why Microsoft didn't cover Leipzig like it's doing for these other events? Maybe because it's a european convention, but it still would have been nice to see footage. I know alot of interesting things happened there.

The Snake5853d ago

They were probably saving everything for this month. Since there are, for current lack of a better quick explanation, a Japanese E3 and a Microsoft only E3 both going on this month, they probably just figured they'd hold out and give us tons of cool stuff all at once.

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