The Calm Before The Storm

A rare moment without action can enhance a game's experience tenfold, argues Andy for This Is My Joystick.

When you see Skyloft for example you enter a beautiful and charming city in the sky, inhabited by quiet, noble people with proud traditions and beliefs. It’s hard not to fall in love with the place because exploring the quaint little city is a pleasure, with humble folk at every turn who, for the most part, are warm and welcoming to the young hero at my control. Why can’t real cities and villages be bubbling over with charm like this? With this much innocence?

With that, it surprises me that some have called the opening few hours of Skyward Sword ‘slow’, even to the point of being put off by it. To me, the opening is one of the key elements of the game’s setup and possibly the most important start in a Zelda game yet.

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