3DS eShop Vs. iPhone App Store: Quality And Quantity

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Ask yourself this question: Which is better, one quality game per week, or several of lesser quality?

If you work for or support Nintendo, chances are good you'd vote the former. The big N has taken quite an aggressive approach to the 3DS eShop, putting a much greater emphasis on new IP over old Game Boy titles from its back catalogue.

FriedGoat4152d ago

Wow this is ridiculous. If you own a 3DS you know that the Eshop is pathetic. I just counted there are 6 Original 3DS titles that aren't silly remakes, is that really good enough? the answer is no.

Jirachi4151d ago

you can't disccount vc games just because there ports besides these 6 games are much better then most phone games(keyword most not all)

FriedGoat4151d ago

I can definetely discount them, retro games to me are not fun hence why out of all 20 of my ambassador games I play one, warioware. My phone has Both Broken Sword 1 and 2, rolando 1 & 2, monster truck mayhem 1 & 2, real racing, worms, infinity blade and I could name many more, infact the majority of the games I own are better than the 6 on the 3DS. The EStore does not compete, and it takes a ninty fanboy to say it does.

Hisiru4151d ago


Are you dumb? The appstore is in the industry for a long time. We should give time for the eShop, but those 6 games are better than most phone games.

Jirachi4151d ago

yeah look up the 3ds ambassador games and most of them have good reviews of the games you mentioned 4 of them have good reviews were as i can point you to at least 8 of the 3ds games games on eshop that have good reviews

i find it funny you listed a bunch of games but most of them are garbage but hey only a fanboy would deny that good reviews prove a game is good.

FriedGoat4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

Monster trucks Nitro even. All the games have good reviews and from my experience are better, Come back when you have both because at the moment your talking more than you know. You sir are delirious to even think the Eshop is better than the appstore, This is INSANE there's nothing there, its a well known fact that even the PSP store is better. and the APP store > PSP store. Its common sense, stop being an idiot. Blind Nintendo fanboyism.

I also have these games on my phone i'll give them to you with the metacritic score so you can STFU.

World of Goo 96
Amazing Breaker 91
EDGE Extended 91
Jetpack Joyride 90
Jet Car Stunts 94
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge 93
Broken Sword: Director's Cut 91

This is only a fraction of the good games.
What you have to remember aswell is that these are games with awkward controls, no buttons ect not even on a dedicated games console.

I could go on, I could even post your silly nintendo eshop games, but unfortunately not only do none of them pass 90, none of the retail games pass 90 either haha.

Oh well, You enjoy your blind fanboyism. I'm actually going to go play something good.

-PS I don't pay a contract, therefore yours aren't cheaper. Can believe the sheer nerve of Nintendo fanboys, cant see common sense.

Menashe4151d ago

Even though I'm an editor for Nintendo Enthusiast, a competing website, I felt compelled to approve this article. I'd take the steady quality that Nintendo has begun to show on their eshop over a stream of blah games, any day. I'm liking the direction Nintendo is going in here.

klecser4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

My eSHOP games are cheaper than your app store games. Its true. You pay 30 bucks a month to be able to play those games. I pay zero extra per month. In the long run, I'm coming out ahead financially. You've been tricked into thinking that "one dollar" games are cheaper, when in reality its costing you more.

The other downside to your one dollar games is that unless the game becomes popular, the studio that created is unlikely to produce any good sequels. At one dollar, and after app store fees, you have to sell in volume to make any profit for future game development. What this results in is 50,000 games, the top 50 of which are the only ones that turn a profit, from the same five studios. In effect, they are just new Nintendos and Sonys. There isn't anything hip or new about app store developers to stay successful. Its juts a different market that relies on a different sales method (volume) to turn a profit.

And app store fanboys/hipsters act like app store games are some sort of "brilliant" sales model that are going to "sink" other companies. Its no different from the big companies.

If you like app store games GREAT. But please don't act like I'm some sort of moron that doesn't understand how business works or that your games are somehow "better" than my games. The only right games are what is right for the individual.

BrutallyBlunt4151d ago

Funny how often people seem to actually resent IOS games yet many are actually quite fun. I also equate value and the price of these games often reflect that. Nintendo has been known to add a new skin or 3D to old games and still charge full price. In this day and age consumers have way more choices out there to get their handheld gaming fix.

Crillvirus814151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

Pushmo beats all and Zelda Munich cap unless you love to tap here slide your finger here tap here slide your finger here type of game play lol it does not matter how many games iOS or android have at the end of the day they all play the same like shit tap here slide your finger here ha ha it's so funny that people can really sit there and play them games lol example infinity blade 1 & 2 play just like arkham city lock down so please Nintendos even sonys vita store is miles ahead of them