Japanese Hardware Chart, Media Create, Dec 3 - 9

Sales of all major consoles except PS2 were up for the week ended December 9, with DS and Wii dominated both hardware and software sales:

Nintendo DS Lite - 168,255
Wii - 115,057
PSP - 91,481
PlayStation 3 - 38,123
PlayStation 2 - 11,987
Xbox 360 - 8,876

Source: Media Create


According to, Wii sales jumped by 54%, DS by 35%, and PSP by 24%. Other figures stayed mostly flat - PS3 and Xbox 360 gained slightly, and PS2 lost slightly.

The Wii also broke through the 4 million barrier in Japan.

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TANOD4740d ago

by virtue of GT5 PROLOGUE

gamesblow4740d ago

If Sony was smart they would've made GT5 a download for everyone.... Simple as that. That would've made sales all over the world boom! The way it is.. they have one more push in Japan before the holidays and nothing much for the u.s. or U.k. Still, Sony ended the year with nearly 8 million units sold... Not a bad year at all for them. Next year will be even better.

sonarus4740d ago

damn wii chill out on the competition. ps3 is now cruising at almost 40,000 a month which is great and shows public reception for ps3 has improved sony needs to ride this momentum and keep increasing their sales in all markets. xbox saw a gain due to lost odyssey unfortunately lost odyssey didnt move that much hardware. psp sold 90,000 quite impressive as well but nintendo still leads. Would be interesting to see GT's impact

blusoops4740d ago

PS3 is around 40,000 a week in Japan...just clarifying.

wiizy4740d ago

wii taking control of the sales as usual.. next year the great games cometh

PS360WII4740d ago

Wow so Japan is a Wii, DS, and PSP land.

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