The Ultimate Killzone 2 Wish List

From Gameplayer... "There it is again, that quietly optimistic sense of expectation. But beyond the esoteric, "Please don't suck" feeling what do we really want from Killzone 2? We had a little think, then a nap and then thought some more. Then we came up with a list. And here it is, the 10 things we want from Killzone 2."

This article examines where Killzone 1 failed, where the current FPS expectations sit and goes on to propose how Killzone could beat it.

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Rice4737d ago

I think Killzone 2 should focus more on variety on levels, like probably something that is not gritty, maybe a Resistance type of level where there in the Chimeran Area.

DrPirate4737d ago

If you played Killzone 1, you'd know, while not being the greatest game in the world, one thing it had, was 11 missions of massive amounts of variety.

xionpunk4736d ago

@ DrPirate - yeah it wasn't the greatest game in the world, but I had a lot of fun with it. I think people were a little too harsh (and maybe offended) that it was rumored to be a "halo killer" (which it obviosly was not)

crunchie1014737d ago

Vehicles! Please, dear god have vehicles!

sonarus4737d ago

killzone 2 needs to come very hard its first outing fell short of expectations. vehicles in single player and multiplayer and not jst cars give us sumthing original from your killzone universe. The mini boss battles are cool but hopefully there will be variety btwn the bosses and the heavy guy is the easiest of them. graphics arent enough there need to be some memorable moments in the game that have everyone bugging out. different enemies memorable bosses and original vehicles are the most important. various environments would be nice too

Astro4737d ago

This game has crap written all over it. Killzone is a mediocre franchise.

pwnsause4737d ago

thats why you lose bubbles.

GodofPeace4737d ago

your life is like crap but no one is complaining

Maddens Raiders4737d ago

I already told you that your mom's TWAT is a mediocre franchise and ASTRO is living proof of that. Oh yeah and she also likes when I write crap all over her too. C-ya.

BulletToothtony4737d ago

or he is truly just fearful of the amazing power of this game.. some people say these things to make themselves feel better

either way the graphics of this game on my hdtv tv looks like nothing i've ever seen b4, i played killzone and i loved it, so i don't know about mediocre franchise, it might not have a story as deep as rfom but it come damn close to it

razer4737d ago

Trolling is lame.. It sucks when it happens in 360 threads and it sucks in PS3 threads. Killzone 2 is definately not going to flop.

TwissT4737d ago

I really do not like it when people say the original Killzone was crap, it just didn't live up to the hype. I had tonnes of fun especially in the multiplayer, yeah sure the same voices were heard over and over again but the original Killzone had potenial.

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pwnsause4737d ago

what I want from killzone is a Theater of War Type of Experience something thats similar to Call of Duty 4 and Saving Private Ryan Type of Experience.

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