Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Hands-On - Defending the Federation

Gamespot takes a look at an action-packed new level from Retro Studios' "new-gen" shooter.

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Asylumchild5851d ago

Can someone please tell me if they have heard enything about the online or the mic?????

Urameshi5851d ago

Stop asking about the MIC and and online capabilities. No ones answering the stupid question because nothing has been announced about either yet except the fact that Wii games won't be going online till 2007.

Asylumchild5851d ago

see now isent that much easyer to jsut tell me that so then i wouldent have had to post 500 times thank you :) @zzhole

Urameshi5851d ago

How about looking up info for yourself once in awhile like a normal person instead of making a complete jackass of yourself?

Asylumchild5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

They havent released info about the online or mic smartazz. I did look up info and I couldent find it thats wy
I asked! dum nintedno fanboyz...

Urameshi5850d ago

lol then theres a little thing I like to call commom sense my friend. Use the simple process of thought to realize that any official info is going to be moderately easy to find at this point, so don't waste your time asking about something you can't find. Right now though I can't quite figure out why you just restated what I told you and then said you looked it up... you must not be a very good liar.

Asylumchild5850d ago

I did look it up and couldent find it what do you not understand?????? I asked people on this site if they new enything..... dude jsut end it cus i am after this comment

Urameshi5850d ago

The way you said it just made it sound like you were saying that I never said anything. I guess you just worded it oddly.