From Creators of LocoRoco: Patapon Preview & Video

The creators of LocoRoco prepare one of the best PSP games yet, and what could be a new genre of gaming.

Patapon is like a role-playing and strategy game wrapped inside a rhythm game. The basic idea is that you control the cute-yet-ferociously deadly Patapon army by tapping specific button combinations in time with the Patapon's addictive songs.

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MK_Red4739d ago

Well, the team knows one thing for sure and it's how to make really cute yet stylish game. Also, let's not forget fun and awesome LocoRoco was. Seriously great and underrated gem.

xplosneer4739d ago

I'm addicted to that game.

Darkiewonder4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

can comes from the simplest of control. you don't need anything special to have fun. Tap of a few buttons you pull off a special move. do it different another. Patapon looks real cute but it's more than that. A blend of action and strategy plus rhythm, this game will sure please many especially if you were into Loco Roco. It's fresh. and the audio is addicting!

MK_Red4738d ago

Great comment. Patapon and LocoRoco show how fun and innovation can come in simple forms not the uber hyped Wii Fits and things like that.
Can't wait.