THQ devs call for execs to be fired, "uDraw failure is the largest and most recent"

An anonymous group of former and current developers at THQ have sent an open letter to the publisher's board of directors, demanding that top executives get the chop.

The "old guard" are sticking to THQ's relic of a formula: hot license > cheap game > lean adverts > make money. These guys "haven't realized the industry has changed."

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Titanz2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Poor mismanagement has been the cause of a lot of studio closings.

THQ got lucky the UDraw tablet was a successful business venture for them, on the Wii (I saw no appeal to this device, whatsoever). Brian Farrell (THQ's current CEO) decision to launch that same peripheral on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, was a stupid one.

I hope we receive more open letter emails from disgruntled laid of workers.

papashango2456d ago

Ubisoft is in the same boat once asscreed goes stale.

jivah2456d ago

soooo all the tom clancy and raving rabbid games disappeared?

im pretty sure they still bring a pretty penny

MultiConsoleGamer2456d ago

Really heavy stuff.

Ironically uDraw did fairly well on Wii. Not so much on PS3 and 360. Know your market.

mcstorm2456d ago

I dont get why they decided to bring the udraw out for the 360 and ps3. Yes it did ok on the Wii but its fan base tends to be younger and familys. The 360 is getting this image with Kinect but why would anyone want to spend an extra £60 on udraw when they can use Kinect for everything else. Bad Move by THQ

Heartnet2456d ago

With Kinect and PS Move bringing the casual market to both consoles there was no need not to bring it out on these consoles....

andron2456d ago

Yeah, uDraw on PS3 and 360 wasn't a very smart move. I'm glad the developers are speaking up on these thing.

It was obvious that uDraw didn't have a big future on PS3/360, so the executives must really be out of touch...

DarthJay2456d ago

Great read. I wish them all luck and hope they are successful in their goals with this letter. I mean, to me the most damning part of the whole thing was the section where the writer talks about stock falling from $30 a share to 70 cents. How does anyone keep their job after THAT?

Also interesting to note; I never realized Lumber Liquidators was somehow involved in the hierarchy and ownership of THQ. Explains their presence in Homefront.

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The story is too old to be commented.