GamerMetrics: Halo 3 Cannibalized Stranglehold, 360 Games Sales

IGN GamerMetrics analyst Nick Williams recently took a look back at the predictions GamerMetrics made for Xbox 360 titles based on analysis of four primary factors -- awareness, engagement, purchase intent and game quality -- ahead of each title's launch with the aim of predicting the success of upcoming games.

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MK_Red4739d ago

Well, all other publishers had other 360 games that did great except Midway whose Strangehold was their biggest title. They better put a lot of effort and money into making of the next Mortal Kombat because after UT, it's mostly all they got.

toughNAME4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Halo 3 being released in September was no secret. They knew what they were getting into and could have prevented it by moving the release date up or back.

The publishers signed their own death warrant

MK_Red4739d ago

True. It was a complete suicide and yet many publishers went against Halo 3 and lost. Seriously, they could have released them in many other windows but they went head to head with Master Chief.
It's like indie and art house movies going against Spider-man and Transformers at box-office.

ravinash4738d ago

If you buy a game and play it all month and not look at other games during that period, the games that came out during that month are still on the shelves when you come in the next month.
Its not like a movie where its there one month and gone the next.
I'm sure that Stranglehold did lose sales for that month, but if its a good game and people want it, then they will be back.

MK_Red4738d ago

True about how Games stay on shelves but let's not forget that movies only take 2-3 hours while some games may take weeks to finish or even month's based on person's free hour and by the time he/she finishes a game, a whole lot of newer and better titles may have arrived.

eagle214739d ago

The games huge, simple as that.

CNIVEK4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

...and haven't touched it since. Only hardcore Halo fans could really enjoy playing much Halo 3's EXTREMELY boring, just like Halo 2.
However, since I'd played the Stranglehold demo long before Halo 3 launched, I still new it was garbage, and not even worth a rent. THAT is why Stranglehold failed...they should have NEVER released that demo. :o

TheMART4738d ago

Well don't agree about the online part in Halo 3. It's really, really good. Point is though, the gameplay is your kind of gameplay or not.

FOr me the Gears of War online fits better with coversystem etc., no insane jumps and so on.

Others prefer Halo 3. It's just what you personally like

CNIVEK4738d ago

I am indeed stating my opinion...obviously several million Halo fanboys would call me an idiot. :p To be honest, I've enjoyed R6:V MUCH more than any Halo game...particularly online. The strategy and cover system is even far superior to Gears...and I enjoyed Gears, in the beginning. R6:V just nailed so many things, from map design, to cover-based combat, to level-up gameplay (copied by COD4 and Halo 3), to huge replay value from the varied types of gameplay. CO-OP Terrorist Hunt is still the most fun I've had online...EVER ; hell, it's still a blast offline.
Prediction: When R6:V 2 releases next spring, it will reclaim it's online crown...even over HALO 3. Most of the guys I played with/against in R6:V were HALO 2 fanatics, but had grown tired of it; since HALO 3 was basically more of the same, they won't stick with it NEARLY as long as they did HALO 2.

navig8or4738d ago

Hey, I just want to say that XBOX360 delivered this year, will 2008 be the year of the PS3, Hell Yeah!!!!!

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