Rumour control: GPU physics in Unreal Tournament III

CustomPC writes:

"GPU physics could be achieved on a single graphics card, and would make a big difference to benchmarks. Even though talks between Havok and ATI have broken down since Intel bought the company, GPU physics were in development for quite some time before that, and it looks as though Unreal Tournament III could even support GPU physics with a future update.

An anonymous source who works in game development told Custom PC that 'the most interesting stuff we've done recently is with a "triple A" game, that's shipping now actually, which is physics-accelerated on GPUs, and in fact in the engine that the game is built upon.'

So which 'triple A' game would this be? 'I'm not allowed to name things at the moment,' said our source, 'which is why I'm being a little bit evasive, but both the engine and the game benefit from GPU acceleration in physics for the eye candy stuff, and it has a very significant benefit in benchmarks, but the developer hasn't yet made a public statement about that.' However, they did say that you could buy the game now."

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JsonHenry4737d ago

my 8800GTS already has a physics CPU on the card. Not sure what they are talking about. I did read the article with a screaming baby on my lap, so maybe I missed the part where people are not already using physics enabled GPU hardware.

iMad4737d ago

UT3 runs good on current hardware and there is no need to accelerate the framerates...

mbmonk4737d ago

With multi core cpu's the Ageia Physx cards and GPU physics angle die off, I believe.

The GPU physics have limitations on how much they can affect gameplay and the standalone physics card only gives you benefits in games. The multi core CPU gives you the benefit of full physics in gameplay, and it has more overall use when your doing non gaming tasks.