Wii emits a frequency that attracts cockroaches?

So far this is just a theory, but it's something that's beginning to come under investigation. Apparently, Japanese entertainment magazine BARKS has alleged that a powered-on Wii emits a sound frequency which falls right into the range to which cockroaches are attracted. This could lend itself to a few uninvited roommates for gamers who are too busy waggling their remotes to invest some time in a little basic housekeeping.

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RadientFlux4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

great now I know I don't have c*ckroaches (damm curse blocker)

drewdrakes4738d ago

This just in, food attracts them too. You have been warned.

karlostomy4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

enabled all bored and duped users to switch their brains back on and get their money back...

edit: at below

yep it was fun for about two hours. and then i felt like a silly child playing it. *shrugs*

drewdrakes4738d ago

karlostomy - its ok to be jealous of this really fun system :)

Boink4738d ago

well it already emits a frequency that attracts stupuid parents. so it makes sense:)

wAtdaFck4738d ago

What? The Red Ring of Death? Oh, I see.

john_doe4738d ago

yeah.. it also attracts stupid comments like yours too

ShadoWulf4738d ago

Stupid parents, c0ckroaches... what's the difference.

BLuKhaos4738d ago

one runs away when you turn on the lights

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mintaro4738d ago

holy moly, if thats true then.....uhh dont really know what to say to this kind of news......

maybe thats why there are so many c*ckaroaches......

Spike474738d ago

well that's a new one.

green4738d ago

This is by far the funniest news i have ever heard concerning a console.
Hopefully its not true but still really funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.