Seriously!? – The Indie Royale Lightning Pack Offers Six Times The Sam

DIYGamer: The 2011 phenomenon that is Bundlemania continues unabated into the much more futuristic-sounding 2012. Sneaking in out of nowhere, Indie Royale is back with a ‘bonus’ bundle comprised entirely of Serious Sam games, including the whole third-party indie series, including Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Mommy’s Best Games’ Serious Sam: Double D. As usual, the base price (otherwise pay-what-you-want) is going to creep up – now is the time to snap this lot up for cheap.

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Cajun Chicken4259d ago

I like Serious Sam and own pretty much the whole series, but I'm just not interested in these indie titles. Can anyone clarify if I'm missing out on anything?


Weaker subscription deals have hit indie publishers, says analyst

Devolver and TinyBuild's difficult year is partially down to smaller deals coming from Sony and Microsoft

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lodossrage21d ago

That's no shock. And as sub-services start to grow, those deals will get even smaller. Partially because the incentive for companies to make said deals will be lessened when they reach their saturation points.

What is sad though is this analyst is saying they're depending on Sony or Microsoft to give them handouts to make ends meet rather than depend on a portfolio of quality games.

JEECE21d ago

Who could have foreseen this?

lodossrage21d ago

Yup, and while they push for that "all-digital" future, it'll get worse over time.

JEECE21d ago

Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems to be about publishers becoming dependent on the subscription model rather than a la carte sales; I'm not sure how digital vs. physical is relevant to this. Even prior to subscriptions taking off, indie publishers like the ones discussed probably sold the vast majority of their a la carte copies digitally anyway, except for some limited editions.

lodossrage21d ago

True, the developer here (devolver) is mainly digital anyway.

I was referring to the industry as a whole. As corporations push for digital only, the developers' bargaining power will go away along with the customers' buying power.

When I say it will get worse, I'm talking about as these companies get bigger digital gaming footprints and market share, there will be less of a reason to give sweetheart deals to grow their base since the growth will be on autopilot at that point.

It wasn't about physical vs digital per se, more about the fact that these devs will have to get use to getting less over time. Sorry for the confusion.

ApocalypseShadow21d ago

I said this over and over in the threads. Those good deals would start shrinking. And when gamers got used to their games in a service and not buying their products, they'd be stuck getting less money from publishers as more games hit the services. Then, those publishers would be screwed unless they really have a hit game. And when they try to go back to trying to sell their games, no one's buying because gamers are waiting for Plus or Game Pass to play them.

Too many of us could see this a long time ago. "But but but VALUE." Yeah. It can be until developers get screwed. Then the industry is screwed from losing developers as they close or get bought out from not making money. There's a cost that'll come back and bite many of them because they went for that upfront check instead of selling their games.

9d ago

Devolver Delayed Showcase | 2023 - 2024 Edition

Enjoy the art of video game delays and find out which of your most anticipated Devolver Digital published games are moving to next year!

Ethereal45d ago

I love this publisher so damn much. lmao.


Devolver Digital champions originality in an oversaturated gaming market

In an increasingly oversaturated market, Devolver Digital seems to keep publishing games that champion originality and creativity.

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cthulhucultist100d ago

Devolver Digital and Annapurna Interactive should both be praised for the games selected for publishing as it provides those unique experiences the necessary exposure required.

Especially Annapurna games are amazing.
Sayonara Wildhearts,
What Remains of Edith Finch
Outer Wilds
Flower (ios)
Journey (ios)
Neon White

the list is endless.

Cant wait for their interactive showcase on 29.06.2023

shinoff2183100d ago

Devolver does a pretty good job imo. I like the uniqueness