Diablo MMO?

The Bitbag writes, "Based on descriptions found in employment opportunities posted at Blizzard, many are speculating that a Diablo MMO is in the works. There are about ten positions listed as "Top Secret" for a Next-Gen MMO."

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emazzuca4739d ago

Look, I loved Diablo as much as the next person, but you know what? we have a Diablo MMO! its called, World of Warcraft! ,, Sorcerer = mage, assassin = rogue, its also in a similar setting to diablo as well.

Now i know Diablo is a darker series, and that part would be neat to see, but the game would feel to similar, unless they changed it a lot, but world of warcrafts feel , feels like diablo online,, in fact thats what i love about it.

Before WOW, blizzard release warcraft 3, and set the story perfect for the World of warcraft.

Now , they are doing the same approach for starcraft, they are setting up starcraft 2, and are going to be able to take all the content and ideas, and lead in into an MMO.

MMO's take YEARS to develop, so you can bet they are working on it.

My 2 cents ~

Capt CHAOS4739d ago

So we can milk the public for a subscription..

Bolts4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Anything is better than WoW cartoony graphics and kiddie fantasy world. Bring on the half naked chicks with horns and the buckets of blood!

Plus, I'm not sure how much longer I can contain this Soulstone...