Three Speech's 2008 Preview: LBP and KZ 2 To Arrive in Sept.-Oct. & More

Three Speech writes: "From around September or October, the PS3 will move into top gear: that's when Killzone 2 will arrive, to truly take first-person shooters into the next-gen era. And – more excitingly in my book – when LittleBigPlanet – will arrive. Again, LBP will provide an unknown gameplay experience – firstly, because it is so unlike any other game and, secondly, because it will be up to us to define the gameplay. As the new video of LBP shows, it's going to look amazing – we'll get the whole low-down from developer Media Molecule next year (currently, they've got their heads down and are cracking on with finishing it)".

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UnblessedSoul4738d ago

Damn I thought LBP would be sooner, oh well I've got other games as well as home to look forward to, I expected killzone 2 to be around that time how awesome

TANOD4738d ago

both are due in 2008 and both would be amazing

sonarus4738d ago

i expected killzone to be in July. Sony needs to do its best to release these games at specific times so buy the time i'm done with KZ2 LBP should be coming out. Dnt jst cram all the games to release 1 day. I wanna have a new blockbuster title to play every month

Sam Fisher4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

but can i ask WTF is so fun bout LBP? i read bout it... its retarded... u just creat stuff and wat else?

@ El_Colombiano
ok first off i dont praise it i find it annoying but make diff game variants and diff look of the lvls but this doesnt even look fun it looks like it will get high ratings like R&C but will prob be another R&C ( buy, play, beat in 2 days or so, and starts to collect dust)

El_Colombiano4738d ago

Answer my question for me my friend, why is Halo 3's map editor praised so much? Could it be the simple fact that you can enjoy a different experience every single time when playing online with your friends?

deeznuts4738d ago

LBP isn't just about creating stuff. There is a single player game i there, it's a quirky Platformer it appears with bosses and everything. The beauty of it is the user created stuff, with some great people in the community you might get some crazy fun levels that you would just download and play, you wouldn't have to create it yourself.

Polluted4738d ago

Agreed. thought LBP would be out waaay sooner than September. Like February or something. That sucks. I also thought they'd push Killzone out in the summer so it wouldn't go up against Resistance. Looks like they're really pushing for a big Christmas next year. I just hope we don't get screwed for the other nine months of 2008.

The 3rd Place4738d ago

This is waiting!

KZ2 has already been in development for 37 months!

icechai4738d ago

4 player offline or online, control of each individual limb, and tons of obstacles/vehicles made by the developers and more in the future made by players. Also the avatar customization seems to be second to none (which is very important for mainstream gamers)

EZCheez4738d ago

but these might be the EU release dates because ThreeSpeech is based in the UK.

It's not only possible but probable that these games will be out in the US months before these dates.

Kleptic4738d ago

well KZ2 is headed by SCEE...making it more than likely to have a simultaneous US and European release, or come out in Europe first altogether...

something is going to give in that department...Resistance 2 is also going to be huge, at least as far as hype goes...but KZ2 has cost SCE so much money I can't believe they would release any "similar" game anywhere near it...

I am still leaning on a KZ2 release of sometime during the summer...or a fall release, but then no Resistance 2 until 2009...or maybe not, that would be ridiculous though...

and LBP looks completely awesome...we need that game earlier though...I thought it was supposed to be an early 08 release?...

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BubblesDAVERAGE4738d ago

I think they just pulled this outta there ass with no real evidence to back it up....but i dont expect either of thoes games to make warly 08 its just a general assumption..maybe killzone its been 3 years

the worst4738d ago

i hope they fix everything
b4 release
dont be like EA
and put out unfinished work

nn4738d ago

" the form of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. It could be with us as early as March 2008 ...". Why do they need so much time? Japan already has it.
Too bad that playasia doesn't ship it to EU

Witty Comment4738d ago

GT5 prologue the whole game, or is it like a demo game?

pandabear4737d ago

play asia doesn't ship - but yes asia does - and I have :-)

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