No More Heroes more bloody in US

With the news that two different versions of No More Heroes will be published in North America, many European gamers began to wonder how the localized treatment from Rising Star would turn out. Earlier today, that question was answered in the form of Rising Star's Managing Director, Martin Defries.

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"There are two versions of No More Heroes that are going to be published in the West," revealed MD Martin Defries. "Ours, which will be drawn down from our parent company, Marvelous Interactive, which is directly from the Japanese iteration of the game, and there will be a version in the US that is a full-on gore, beheadings, dismemberment…and it seems some confusion has come to the fore in the past few days as to which version Rising Star Games will publish.

"Why the decision has been made is a difficult one for me to comment on - that's a Ubisoft decision for the North American market. We've always drawn down our games from Japan, we tailor them in language, in text and audio, and nothing else."

So while both North America and Europe will see the release of the Japanese version, the violently enhanced version will remain in the West.

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