25 Most Anticipated Games of 2012 - Part Two: RPG Games

Second in a series of articles looking at 25 of the most anticipated game titles across platforms and genres. Part Two is looking at 5 of the most anticipated Role-Playing (RPG) Games.

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granthinds3438d ago

The Last Story looks awesome! Glad it's made this list...

ringojelly3438d ago

Oh man, Ni no Kuni has been high on my list forever. Level 5 and Ghibli?? Count me in twice <3

Last Story well .. doesnt really count as a 2012 game. I enjoyed it immensely when I played it. Didnt get too far though due to the language barrier. Will be great to have it in English finally (my poor wallet :( )

Mass Effect 3 an RPG? Surely you are trolling.

Choc_Salties3438d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur came onto my radar a short while ago, I'm looking forward to that - was always a big fan of Salvatore's work when I first read his Forgotten Realms works.

Hashman3438d ago

Can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!! Going to be awesome!!!!!!!
But agree with ringojelly, is Mass Effect 3 really an RPG?

LAWSON723438d ago

Sadly it counts even though I think games like God of war has more RPG elements don't get me wrong me2 made a great 3rd person shooter.

DesVader3438d ago

I think as RPG's, I would also have added Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2, but I am not sure if these would be strictly classified as RPG.

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