25 Most Anticipated Games of 2012 - Part Two: RPG Games

Second in a series of articles looking at 25 of the most anticipated game titles across platforms and genres. Part Two is looking at 5 of the most anticipated Role-Playing (RPG) Games.

granthinds4259d ago

The Last Story looks awesome! Glad it's made this list...

ringojelly4259d ago

Oh man, Ni no Kuni has been high on my list forever. Level 5 and Ghibli?? Count me in twice <3

Last Story well .. doesnt really count as a 2012 game. I enjoyed it immensely when I played it. Didnt get too far though due to the language barrier. Will be great to have it in English finally (my poor wallet :( )

Mass Effect 3 an RPG? Surely you are trolling.

Choc_Salties4259d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur came onto my radar a short while ago, I'm looking forward to that - was always a big fan of Salvatore's work when I first read his Forgotten Realms works.

Hashman4259d ago

Can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!! Going to be awesome!!!!!!!
But agree with ringojelly, is Mass Effect 3 really an RPG?

LAWSON724259d ago

Sadly it counts even though I think games like God of war has more RPG elements don't get me wrong me2 made a great 3rd person shooter.

DesVader4259d ago

I think as RPG's, I would also have added Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2, but I am not sure if these would be strictly classified as RPG.

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-Foxtrot435d ago

I mean they had that ending with Shepard breathing, gasping for air in the rubble, but they never elaborated on it which is a shame because I thought the expanded ending they did would have given us more

anast435d ago

ME 3 felt like patchwork. I enjoyed the world design better in ME1 and the story of ME 2, but ME 3 lost me. It wasn't that good. I actually prefer Andromeda over ME 3.

QuarkZ434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

My face is tired just reading your comment

anast434d ago

Nice. You might need a nap after that one.

Ashunderfire86434d ago


You didn’t get the reference?

Well I guess your face is tired to think also 🙃

MontyeKristo433d ago

I didn't get it; what's it from?

Ashunderfire86429d ago


That reference is from Mass Effect Andromeda. One NPC lady said her face is tired 😴 and it became a meme the internet took notice!

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HollowIchigo25434d ago

I am willing to criticize ME3 all day long
but don't compare it to the abomination that is Andromeda. Andromeda almost killed the Mass Effect franchise. It's one of the worst games Bioware made and if it weren't for Anthem it would have been THE worst.

anast434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

I just compared it. Bioware/EA did an extremely poor job with ME 3, the story was okay even the ending, but the game itself is not good. The Citadel felt claustrophobic with a loading screen to push through the next small space. It was jarring and it took me out of the game. It felt like EA trimmed everything down to save money. The fact that it was nominated for a GOTY just shoes how long game journalism has been corrupt.

If we are to mention bugs, then every game of recent memory is okay or below save a few outliers.

Lastly, almost every single game in gaming has sucky writing and dialogue, so we can't really hold that against Andromeda or ME 3 either. The bar for any kind of literary art is set really low in games. There are some outliers that reach acceptable levels but for the most part game writing is in a horrible state.

Pocahontas434d ago

I loved Andromeda except for all the virtue signalling

HollowIchigo25434d ago

Mass Effect 3 was a better game, period. Citadel wasn't great? ok but the rest of the game was fun. ALL the priority missions in ME3 were good, Tushanka, Palaven , etc were great . The whole *feel* of the earth being invaded and having to bring everyone together to defend it was amazing. Even the DLC like Leviathan and Omega are better than everything in Andromeda. Please tell me what is better in Andromeda? which mission/part stood out for you?

anast434d ago


Both games were okay storywise. Okay means nothing really stands out. Since both games were okay all the way through the only thing that stood out to me was how cheaply EA/Bioware approached the Citadel in ME 3. It was bad, bad enough to throw me out of the game. ME 3 has a mediocre story with subpar design. Andromeda was mediocre experience across the board. Once again okay means nothing stands out.

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LordoftheCritics434d ago

The disagrees says it all.

ME3 was a great game with a botched ending to the trilogy.

anast434d ago

I could get a million downvotes saying "Candy Crush is sh#$". None of that matters.

DeusFever435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

I never joined the internet dogpile on Mass Effect 3. Truth is that it had great missions that felt huge and a cutscene with the biggest space battle I have ever seen. The ending was a little jarring because the war between organicas and synthetics was only part of the larger narrative. Still a great game and now you have an even longer ending that ties up loose ends. You also don’t need to play on-line to get the “best” ending. (Back in the day, I had to use a free Xbox Live weekend to finish up all the on-line requirements.) Anyway, Mass Effect Andromeda should have received more love from EA. If it was better, we wouldn’t pine for Mass Effect 4.

VenomCarnage89434d ago

As someone who didn't play the series, the title comes off as absurd.
The third ones ending almost led us into the 4th one?? You don't say! How wild of concept that would've been!

Knightofelemia434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

You're missing out by not playing the trilogy.

VenomCarnage89434d ago

I definitely missed out on the first one, I only had a ps3 at the time unfortunately. I've been meaning to grab the PS4 remaster trilogy during a digital sale to check them out

Knightofelemia433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

ME1 eventually came to PS3 digitally first then EA threw the ME1 and released an ME trilogy on PS3.