Images of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Ubisoft releases some new images of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, now planned to be released in 2008. Gamersyde says that it looks suprisingly worse than before.

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360Jamaican40GigFL4738d ago

YAWN this series was pretty LAME

timmyp534738d ago

this may be the sole reason Call of Duty 5 is going back to WWII.

Highwayman4738d ago

Those graphics aren't looking so great, however this should still be a good game.

ShiftyLookingCow4738d ago

yeah those shots are quite disappointing. It used to be looking really good, but it never got released and now it looks dated.

Matpan4738d ago

I really have had quite enough of world war II... Maybe we should start a new World War to inspire game devs... :P

COD is a better game IMO. Though this will prolly be an OK game, I don´t feel like I would want to buy it.

ShiftyLookingCow4738d ago

how about The Around-the-World Adventures of Genghiz Khan?

Polluted4738d ago

How about a civil war shooter? You get to choose to be the North or the South early on in the game. Both sides are pretty much the same because all they really had were muskets and cannons, but if you choose the south you get to assassinate Lincoln. Maybe they could do it "The Patriot" style and give you a cool throwing axe.

That's the worst idea ever isn't it? I'll go away now.

Dr Pepper4738d ago

@ Polluted

There already is a civil war game.

Polluted4738d ago

Really? Do you mean that old RTS game or is there an FPS as well? Does it suck?

Dr Pepper4738d ago

It's a FPS and you can get it on the 360. I'm not sure it's any good though as I've never played it.

Here's info on the game:

Polluted4738d ago

Wow. That really slipped in under the radar. The Gamespot review says it sucks anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.