Falcom x Nippon Ichi Crossover: Kiseki's Tio to Appear in Legasista

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation is packed with its usual wholesome blend of Nippon Ichi, Gust and Falcom. This week, there's news of an unexpected crossover involving two of those publishers.

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Megaman_nerd4149d ago

first Tokitoa and now Meikyuu Touro Legasista, it seems the PS3 will soon swim in a sea of Jrpgs like in the old days if all these games get a western release.

Slade4149d ago

Let me explain something too you.

Whether something is swimming in japanese rpgs, a western release is IRRELEVANT

It will never be like the old days because the ps3 doesnt sell well in japan, it doesnt get and will never get the bulk of japanese rpg support

Your going crazy over 2 games? The 3ds has had more rpg releases in less than a year, than the ps3 got in 3 years. Same with vita.

THATS where the support is like the old days

What these are 2