The Best-Selling PSN Games Of 2011

Sony has provided a list of the ten best-selling PSN games and download content on PlayStation Network for 2011 to Game Informer. You may be surprised by the results.

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golsilva2461d ago

most surprising is tetris as 1, and that somehow dungeon hunter was on the top ten. i thought it wasnt that good of a game.

EVILDEAD3602460d ago

That is crazy..Tetris is the number one selling game on PSN..makes little sense.

Top Darts is my fave PSN title of last year.


ShadowJetX2460d ago

Why the hell not? Its a timeless classic and it plays and looks pretty damn good to.

Darth Stewie2460d ago

Wow did not expect MLB the Show DLC being ranked with both COD and Fifa. Just makes me wonder if Sony will ever release MLB the show outside North America.

RememberThe3572460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

It says something about the attach rate for that game. It didn't blow the doors off sales wise but it's DLC still 4th and last years came in 9th. Either this is really good for The Show or really bad for every other big name DLC that didn't make the list (Battlefield, Uncharted, etc...)

fucadastates2460d ago

so this is from scea, what about scee. think there is way more fifa on that one

groupama32460d ago

i'd prefer to see a list with just full games, no DLC..

Drekken2460d ago

If you bothered to read... it has both.

groupama32460d ago

ok, I'll rephrase, I'd like to see a list with full paid games only...

Lord_Sloth2460d ago

Then just read the top half of the page and don't scroll any.

I know, thinking is a pain but you'll benefit greatly from it.

SageHonor2460d ago

i'm surprised Outland wasn't in there. Hard as hell but fun,

YodaCracker2460d ago

I agree with "fun", but "hard as hell"? Nah.

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