2012 Predictions: The Wii U Will Struggle

"GamingUnion.net: The year of 2012 is into full swing, but the gaming industry is still flexing its muscles ahead of an action packed February. With that in mind, we figured it would be the perfect time to share some thoughts about what we feel is going to happen in the world of video games this year."

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fozzness4509d ago

Although it's sad to say, I do agree with this... the claims about the Wii U and it not doing well with families who aren't tech saavy is a very fair point.

mephman4509d ago

It'll still do well, but from what we've seen so far, it doesn't seem different enough for people to want to take notice.

matey4508d ago

its different enough for gods sake get a life its a controller as we know it with a useful 6.2 inch screen on it work it out its many many times more capable than ps3 its got Nintendo Network ect better online than live as it allows 4 3rd party networks on the Nintendo Network lots of devs saying that Nintendos new online is PSN+XBOX LIVE=Nintendo Network.

Nintendo have it covered get over it.

PopRocks3594509d ago

Every console starts off slowly. That argument did not faze the 360 and PS3 in the long run.

fozzness4509d ago

tbh, i would've bought the PS3 in any case... XD I don't think i'd say the same for the Wii U though :S

PopRocks3594508d ago

Okay, I don't care how much of a fanboy you are; no console is worth $600, especially one that started with so few games.

Daver4508d ago


whys that?
600$ on 6 years Id say its enough profitable and if your not happy with it you just have to wait few years for more games like you say and price will be lower.

fluffydelusions4509d ago

Just like the 3DS is doomed too eh...

mcstorm4509d ago

I agree. I think the wiiu will sell as well as the wii but only if nintendo price it right and advertising the device will be the make or break of he console. They need to do what they did with the 3ds and say something along the lines of this is not a ds its a 3ds but for the wiiu. They also need to show off the big family games for it as well as that it can play wii games and use the wii controllers.

As for the psv i dont think it will sell that well until they drop the price of the console and memory cards. Yes the devce is an amazing bit of kit but people dont want to pay more for a handheld console than they would for a home console. I know the psv offers video playback ect but tbh most mobile phones do this now and so do tablets and if you gave me a choice of watching a film on my psv or my xoom ide take the xoom any day. Sony need to bring out some pickup and play games for the psv as well because the handheld market is different to the home console market.

But that said i do expect the psv sales to pickup and start selling better than the psp did each week but i expect the 3ds to come out on top of the two this year.

As for the ps3 and 360 i expect the 360 to carry one selling very well in the usa and uk and the ps3 to do the same in japan a d Europe so all in it will be a good year for Microsoft nintendo and sony.

Megaman_nerd4509d ago

well, they did have to drop the price from $250 to $160 in less than a year to see some success....

PopRocks3594508d ago


That doesn't make it a failure, you goober. That simply means they had to lower the price to get it to start selling. It's a long standing fact that console manufacturers tend to make the bulk of their profits from software, not hardware. May I point you to Zelda 3D, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land which all sold quite well.

MariaHelFutura4509d ago

Yeah right. The WiiU is gonna put out an HD Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart and journalists are gonna hype the thing to no end.

ilovemyps34509d ago

Sure, they gonna polish those 3 games, using every Hz of the cpu,to make sure people say Wow , so the games score 10/10.
1 month later, they start their 'shovelware' factories, which will work 24/7 , to produce tons of shit, like they did with the wii, to fill up the shelves, in the kid's rooms.

Moms and dads will be impressed by those hd graphics, made of some basic color gradients,lights blinking everywhere on the screen, stupid mee faces and a couple objects made of 50 polygons, with some basic textures.

Sure, you can play online, easily. Network adapter will be free, of course.but the cable to connect to the wiiu will cost 59$, because it uses some proprietary USB connector.

Please, Nintendo: since there will be only about 10 good games to play in the whole generation, please make some tech, to remove dust automatically from the wii u.after 2 months, it will stay untouched for many years, under the tv, it would be nice if it the wii u could blow some air, to make it dust and insects free.

ZippyZapper4508d ago

Damn, I just got smacked by a wall of damage control

Campy da Camper4508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

Don't underestimate kids. If they market it correctly, i.e. flashy ads during tween shows, kids will be all over their parents to get them one.

My 14 year old daughter got her first Android smartphone this last Christmas. It literally took her 20 minutes to figure out all the settings, camera/video upload functions and she was posting to Facebook in minutes.

My mom on the other hand called me last night because she is having laptop problems. When I was over visiting last weekend I played around with her computer and determined Vista is her problem and told her to upgrade to Win7. She called last night to ask what version of Vista she has since she has a friend at MS that is getting her an upgrade for 50 bucks. I said flip over the laptop and read the label...Vista Home Premium. She goes Oh!!!!!! shm lol

SilentNegotiator4508d ago

At the least, I don't expect it to be as successful as the Wii. The Wii remote is a LOT less threatening to beginners than the new remote. The new remote does NOT invite new exercise/dance games. Sure, you can use the Wii remote with the WiiU, but then many will question, "Why even buy the new system, then?".

It doesn't have as much appeal to casual gamers, the having your own handheld that only works inside your own home thing won't exactly rocket off when you consider that many people simply have multiple TVs these days, and the shiny new graphics probably won't hold for long (considering they probably won't be native 1080p, as Nintendo refused to confirm any NATIVE 1080p games - the next gen Xbox/Playstation will almost CERTAINLY have lots of native 1080p games).

Not everything Nintendo makes will share the same success as the Wii or (S)NES. There is nothing infallible about the company. With LIVE/PSN compared to Nintendo's dinky online service, Nintendo is losing out on MAJOR money in DD. And Microsoft proved that they can out-causal them with the Kinect. Nintendo is in for a fall in the console market.

im_right4508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

I think the system should of been out in 2006 as it's not really next gen. If they don't pull something off that looks better than Uncharted 2/3 it's a no buy.

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Hardedge4509d ago

I shake my fist at Capcom!

iamnsuperman4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

I feel the title is irrelevant to the actually Wii U part but ok. I feel the more casual audience has either upgraded their motion experience to the Kinect or playing their tablets or smart phones. To expect a major casual install base is not logical. Kinect has come out which to this audience is a natural progression (no controllers) and tablet/mobile gaming is very popular (new more practical form-i.e. I can game and ring on the move). I believe the casual audience have moved on to something else (more looking at tablet and smart phone gaming).

mephman4509d ago

To me, that sounds like you're saying you expect the Wii U to struggle.

iamnsuperman4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

I do not think it will struggle because their is a very large Nintendo fan base/ people who want the latest things. I personally think all consoles next generation are not going to do as well as they are this generation because of the casual moving on. I hope the big three factor this in when they developed/develop their systems or they find a new way to attract the casual in (but I do not think the tablet screen controller is the way unless the tablet controller is a tablet in its own right but then that is impractical because of cost)

mephman4509d ago

Well, the article was more saying it will struggle in comparison to the Wii. It wasn't saying that it will fail, or that it's doom and gloom.

yabhero4509d ago

I'm not sure how many times Ninty has said this but they aren't aiming at casuals as much with the WiiU

iamnsuperman4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

I know they have said this but in my opinion it isn't the hardcore that has carried the systems this generation. Its the casual and often non gamers who have made these systems (360, PS3 and Wii) done really well across the board. What I am saying is this casual are less interested in gaming on the next generation system because of tablets and smart phones. Cheap games, portability with functionality has led to this. I agree with the article (not the title) in that they will probably not sell as well. Its not a problem (only if they prepare for this)

Foxgod4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

These console x is doomed articles keep showing earlier and earlier.

Howabout i get a timemachine, transport myself to 2005, and tell you that the Wii, would be the winner of the 7th gen.

Would u believe me?
This article still has a point, but its stating the obvious, every new console struggles.

OcularVision4509d ago

I would've laughed at your face, and then come back 2 years later to burn you for witchcraft.

DrFUD4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

All the WiiU smears almost lead me to belive Microsoft isn't ready to release the next system and has to resort to the usual tricks of using the media to smear the competition.
Almost =)

So expect another rush job system from them because they know the value of launch dates and prepare for more shit quality rushed hardware.