Sneak Peak at the PS3 Ad Campaign.

An exclusive look at early shades of what the PS3 ad campaign will be like.

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Sevir045854d ago

not sure if it's real or not but if it is it surely is better that Europe's slogan, PLAY B3YOND!!!! quite catchy, and i remember seeing that slogan when i went to E3 this passed may. this source is say it's going up on august 1 in new york, i hope it's true, because this will generate soo much hype there. PLAY B3YOND 1117!!! lol!!! color find DJ, we'll al just have to wait till the first of next month to see if this is really the US's Marketing campaign from Sony

5853d ago
Marriot VP5854d ago

So is sony just gonna substitute "e"'s with "3"'s. That's pretty lame.

God of Gaming5853d ago

Of course.. its the cool3st.... JUMP IN man!

jib5853d ago

i don't mind the 3. it is a slogan for playstation ... 3. i guess.

i kinda like it better than "jump in"

Captain Tuttle5853d ago

It's kind of vague, though.

JIN KAZAMA 1875853d ago

Sounds dumb. Play B3yond sounds sweet. Sounds very furture minded and technologically advanced.
Jump IN, sounds like someone would say at a pool party, without even a real pool, but one of those inflatable ones with pink flamingos in the front lawn.

DJ5853d ago

I still remember the lame MS advertisement that said "Dear Mr. Kojima, Jump IN!"

Sounded like a desperate ex-girlfriend begging for her man to come back. The term Jump In is so vague has nothing to do with gaming. Play Beyond is a lot more obvious, and manages to take a subtle stab at the competition. Hopefully the Wii ads won't have slogans. All they need to do is show the controller and console and they're set.

Sevir045853d ago

a pool party lol!!! but i think the whole jump in thing refers to the 360's online community, it's biggest and only selling point in my opinion Xboxlive. i'm actually happy that Sony NA is using PLAY B3YOND as their marketing campaign and PS3 slogan. it's quite catchy and alot better than this is living.

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Captain Tuttle5853d ago

Just keep posting useless stuff like that. Pretty soon you'll be all out of bubbles and this place will be much better.

JIN KAZAMA 1875853d ago

Thanks for your input. I shall place your heartfelt advice in a secure place, and reference it whenever I have the need to use it.
Thank you.
Jin Kazama.

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The story is too old to be commented.