Unreal Tournament 3 Character = Dom Santiago ?

Loot Ninja knows both UT3 and Gears are sharing the Unreal 3 engine, but couldn't Epic have been a little more creative with the character modeling here? Take a look at the image above. On the left is Reaper of the Ronin team. He's the main character you play in the Campaign. On the left is Dom Santiago, the secondary character from Gears of War. Notice the resemblance here?

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boodybandit4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Well they do have the same daddy, "Epic".

The 3rd Place4739d ago

All this shows is that Gears of War on the 360 looks better than UT3 on the PS3.

risk4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

WHAT? that made as much sense as your birth.

Ghoul4739d ago

@3d place

*whip* Back to your cave TROLL *whip*

SnakeCL4739d ago

Errrrm, considering how gigantic the levels are in UT3 compared to Gears...

FunnyBone4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I am an equal opportunity bubble taker...And thats 1 less for you

(I am more a 360 fan but have and enjoy both)

These meaningless post are getting really old from both sides...

You are just as much of a tool as the ps3 idiots that only post GARBAGE POST...


@ N4G..
I think you guys are just as much a Tool as the fanboys...It's one thing to have flame Wars here and there but this is an EVERY DAY occurrence....SAME posters day in day out going into the other console news story just to bad mouth whatever it is being discussed....

I wish i had the means or i could find another gaming news outlet that covers a wide range of stories like this site does because the little kids on here are ruining YOUR SITE ..Yet you seem to not really care....

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Polluted4739d ago

razy. I thought he looked a lot like Marcus Fenix (sp?), but he definitely looks identical to Dom. Oh well. It's not like it's a huge deal.

Darkiewonder4739d ago

I thought he looked like an older version of Marcus. Or just more wrinkles ;3

fiercescuba4739d ago

Looks like someone got traded to another team or something.

rushbd4739d ago

If someone ports a Gears of War style map to UT3 PS3.

Technically it's not that hard :P

MrTeenie4739d ago

I'm sure the mod community will pretty much remake all the gears maps for UT3.

As for the character faces looking a lot alike there are 2 possiblities.... 1: Easter Egg, 2: The person who designed the model for Gears worked on the model for UT3, as in the interview I had with Mark he said they swapped people from UT3 team to Gears team quite a bit.

socomnick4739d ago

yea it wouldn't be hard but it wont happen because of the legal issues they would face and im sure that someone will attempt something like this but microsoft will bring out the lawyers.

fopums4739d ago

except they cant do anything about it, epic distributed the unreal map editor and basicly gave away MS trump card. becuase EPIC wont be responsible for user created content, I.E. copywritten characters, offesive content and whatnot.

now granted, the users may be held responsible and be forced to take it down, that is after its downloaded 50 or 60 times and then rehosted by someone else. it is teh internet, its just a matter of time before you see Master Cheif, Snake, Marcus Fenix and Samus running around UT3

socomnick4739d ago

Microsoft has the best lawyers in the world trust me they will shut it down once if it ever becomes a problem for them.

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Charlie26884739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Actually if you have long played UT when Gears was first shown you might have had the first impression of "hold on a sec aren't those UT characters?" cuz from the armor type that now thanks to both being UE3 look extremely similar to Epics obsession with the design of the character faces being super boney and having facial hair...and clearly someone at Epics has an obsession with goatees/soul patches O.o

EDIT: sweet I apparently was chosen to be part of the mass disagree rampage in this article I feel blessed :) Love you N4G and you random disagress :D

ShiftyLookingCow4739d ago

thats true but I think prior to UT3, UT as a whole was a lot more colorful(not like Halo but it had its own style). UT3 is somewhat darker and feels closer to Gears of War. Anyways when they first showed Gears of War level during Geforce 6 launch I thought it was going to be Unreal 3.

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