Loot Ninja Hands-On Preview: Echochrome

Echochrome was one of the downloadable games from the Playstation Newtork that were demoed for Loot Ninja at Sony's Media Day, and from what they saw it looks to be a very tough, but creative game. The concept is really cool; take a 3-dimensional environment, and using the left and right analog sticks, manipulate your 2-dimensional view of it so that your character can pass through to different checkpoints. How does this work? Lets say for example that there's a gap in the platform you need to walk across. One way to get across would be to turn the environment so that there is another object blocking your view of the gap. The game is all about perspective - it works based on the Object Locative Environment (OLE) coordinate system - which basically means that if you can't see it, then it's not there. If you can't see the gap in the platform, then your character doesn't know its there and will walk straight across. This is just one of several interesting mechanics used in the game. This preview has a few more.

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titntin4737d ago

Simple innovative fun - what games hsould be about! I'm looking forward to playing around with this!

Darkiewonder4737d ago

I played the flash version it was neat.

Hope the Psp/PSN version has lots to offer ;o

drunkpandas4737d ago

The game will ship with 50 levels and a creator tool. Sony is currently working on a way to share user created levels on the PSN.

I can tell you that I wanted to throw the controller a few times at some of the levels

40cal4737d ago

I have been waiting to play this game since E3. Cant wait.

Polluted4737d ago

I didn't really "get" this game until I saw a brief gameplay demo video. Now I'm very excited about it. It really looks like nothing I've ever seen before from a gameplay perspective.