PS3 Unreal Tournament III Review: 9.7/10 from Next Level Gaming

If you own a Playstation 3 system you need to own this game. If you want to play a first-person shooter done right, play Unreal Tournament III. This is how it should be done.

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games4fun4738d ago

cant wait to pick this up over the holidays.

gamesR4fun4738d ago

Ya this game pure fps like none other
Hoping they get the mods up and running (pray their not gimped)
Still you get a lot out of the box fyi newbs turn on the speed mutators when you launch a game speedfreak + instaglib is a lot of fun

TANOD4738d ago

I am getting this on the 15th .


CrashSharc4738d ago

Exactly how many maps are included?!?! people say there more than 40, but when I go to something like DM under instant action, there's only like 10 I can choose from. where are all the others!? do I have to unlock them??? I REALLY wanna play Morpheus (my Fav map) oh the memories....

MK_Red4738d ago

I honestly don't get some of the low scores the game has recieved. Many say it's too much like UT2004 but aren't all sequels like their previous games? Halo 3 was a lot like Halo 2 and so were many other sequels but they got all the 10s and 9.5s.
I think people should either be harsh on all sequels or be as forgiving for all of them. With second option in mind, this is a great score and review for UT3. RAMPAGE!

osirisomeomi4738d ago

It's insane, reading some of these reviews. 'UT3 is an amazing game, with fantastic shooting, graphics and overall gameplay options. It's not that different from UT2K4, though, so I'm going to knock down the score a full point.' It's an obvious double standard when comparing the review trend to that of games like Halo 3. I'm still trying to figure out WHY there's a double standard. Marketing got to everyone, maybe?

What worries me is that people are going to see these low scores and not buy the game. If you were a UT2K4 fanatic, it's still worth picking up, and if you've never played a UT game before, it's worth picking up. Just wish this game had been marketed like it deserves, because the casuals would have gone wild over this.

If you read any review, read this one. This is AAA gold, and if you have a PS3, this is a must buy game.

Ju4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I might understand the lower scores for the PC version because it will get compared to the prev. version directly, but on the PS3 its kind of original (if you ignore UT for the PS2 - I think it was). I also never played UT on the PC, but I might go for the PS3 version. That's actually the first time it caught my interest and I most probably will pick it up - especially because there are not a lot of PS3 games out yet, which support bots (Graw2 the only one I know so far - and I hope Haze will, too). I also hope they'll add split screen, which then again will make it a complete different experience then the PC version. (multiplayer split screen with bots for your home party frag fest).

GIJeff4738d ago

i have no idea who next level is, but i think its an accurate score.

pharmd4738d ago

the link is dead for me, i wanna read the review, although i have the game and already know it is phenomenal but i just wanted to read it and i get a stupid error when clicking the link!!!

DADO4738d ago

Yes, the link is down!

PS360WII4738d ago

I don't know I have it and played it and it's great and all but 9.7 I feel is a bit to high for this title. Somewhere between 8 and 9 is where this title goes.

boodybandit4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

See if it grows on you like it did me. When I first played it I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be but after a couple days I got completely hooked and if I'm not playing it I am thinking about playing it.

Hi my name is Boodybandit and I am a UT3 addict.
Admitting the addicting helps.

Also if anyone doesn't know this already you can adjust the graphics a bit under video settings. Try playing it on intense.

PS360WII4738d ago

oh yea I'm going to play more I'm sure I'll start liking it more with the time I put in it :)

SIX4738d ago

When I first played it I was really underwhelmed. I'm completely hooked now. It's the most pick up and play friendly FPS I've ever played. Unrelated but related at the same time. Set the game to vivid post process. On original setting everything looks washed out. On vivid it looks really nice.

scotthea3114738d ago

I was wondering if those settings actually made a difference. Has anyone done a screenshot comparison of the different settings? I'd like to see if the difference is that noticeable. I've changed my setting from original to intense but I was too busy try to frag to notice if there really was a difference.

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