Hostility: the Worst Enemy of New MMORPGs

There are few places on the Internet that are as full of hate, rage and hostility as the official forums of a MMORPG, even more so if the game is new or near to its upcoming launch date, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
New MMORPGs regularly get swamped by hostility from a part of the userbase that can't understand the challenges endemic of the genre and proves excessively resistant to change.

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BrutallyBlunt4028d ago

Well said but it goes well beyond MMO games but they do take the brunt of it. The more people are able to reach out and voice their so called opinions it's to be expected few will act this way. Add the anonymity aspect to it and this is what you get. A bunch of losers with nothing better to do. Guess Mommy didnt pay enough attention.

vortis4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

By and far I think APB has the WORST in-game community of any MMO I've played. EVERYONE is high-strung given the tension factors. Then again, every antagonist on the game is a human being and not an NPC, so someone is always going to lose.

It's a little less hostile in games like SW:TOR or WoW just because it's more quest-grinding oriented.

So far, in my opinion, Fallen Earth had the best community but I haven't played that game since it launched. To be a post-apocalyptic survival game a lot of people were helpful and insightful, and there was a lot of community effort to help people get mobolized and geared up.

I agree that the anonymity factor helps a lot of people get away with acting like douche bags. Once MMOs start tapping into Facebook pages for logins and using that info throughout the game I'm sure some people will change their tunes.

AzaziL4028d ago

Gaming communities will always be diluted with immature children and adults who never grew up, it's up to the moderator's to weed them out of the forums and for the mature ones to simple /ignore anyone that's crying for attention.

Although sometimes it is hilarious to see or hear an adult cry like a baby over a video game, almost makes you feel pity for them for being so pathetic.