Eurogamer's First Impressions: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is still a few months away from completion, and the version Eurogamer played - while very promising - demonstrates that the team has much work left to do. Graphically, it excels in some areas, with faces being especially well rendered, but the overall visual effect is unspectacular. Some weak frame-rate and nasty screen-tearing will, hopefully, be fixed up before launch. Pitchford is pragmatic about the fact that the game currently has more than 3000 issues in its bug database, and Eurogamer don't doubt the ability of a developer like Gearbox in terms of fixing and polishing the game for launch.

What Eurogamer's brief playtest definitely reveals, though, is that there's plenty of solid ground underneath Pitchford's claims that World War II remains a fruitful bounty of material for videogame makers. By focusing on storytelling and characters, and developing a unique play style that mirrors the reality of war more closely than any straightforward FPS ever could, Gearbox is building a game with a sense of authenticity, tension and emotion that go

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OC_MurphysLaw4741d ago

I love these BIA games and would hate to see them screw the pooch on it by rushing it out. Besides with Ubisoft making such a killin on Assassins Creed I am sure they feel no rush to put out another game in this fiscal year and probably are looking to launch them fiscal Q1 to jump start the next year.