Assassin's Creed slaughters records as well as bad guys

Ubisoft announced some remarkable results today.

Assassin's Creed is now officially the fastest-selling new video game IP in the US, ever. Ubisoft have already shifted over 2.5 million units worldwide on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

More facts and figures after the jump, including what the results mean to Ubisoft's financial projections...

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solar4739d ago

Gamesblow is not going to be stoked :P

gamesR4fun4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Nice to know that for all their bs and bribes reviewers mean jack. AC is an great game. Works flawlessly on the ps3 since the patch and can even be played on the 360. If you got the means pick it up even if only for a rental.... While yoru there maybe pick up Lair if you havnt given it a go yet another way underated game.

Blademask4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

The entire online-game-community is a small small small segment of consumers.

The only reason anyone thinks reviews matter is because of an article a freelance author wrote about how activision noticed that their game lost sales after a average on '' Nothing was proved that it WAS the reason the sales dropped.

I'm glad to see Assassins creed do so well. The game is glitched to all hell, and repetitive. But its a fun game, and thats the POINT of games. We are like the Comic book guy from the simpsons. We have seen them all, played them all.. but most people haven't. Its a slippery slope, but I think the online community keeps developers honest.

We need less unfinished games that can be 'patched' later.

JokesOnYou4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

unlike some of your past comments I have to agree with what you said here 100%, we are few, of course I dont know for sure but my guess would be that the entire online gaming community (those that read and comment and follow videogame news for every detail) is probably 2% or less of the actual amount of people who buy videogames.

Furthermore yes AC has bugs but its STILL a great game imo, Ubi did a great job but we definitely need to let them know that the game has some problems (which we did) and hopefully next time they won't release it with these issues and just "patch-em up later" kind of trend, part of me think they will try but sadly part of me thinks this trend will likely continue, simply because as you can see they know its "good enough" to sell well and frankly its easier to get the game out the door and smooth out a few glitches with a patch. Honestly I don't like that idea, but when you talk to the avg gamer they are pretty forgiving about glitches, most don't care much as long as it doesn't ruin the game experience for them, really I talk to some people I know who've beaten the game and when I asked about some of the bugs, they said "what bugs?", I highly doubt it was because their copy was glitch-free, but most avg gamers don't notice or care much(forget) unless its a major game ruining/annoying bug.


MK_Red4739d ago

Awesome find and incredible news. Glad to see people going and buying this gem instead of listen to some idiot critics.
A lot of people say AC is buggy and repetitive. Aren't all open world games? Wasn't GTA buggy as heck and repetitive? It was but it was also a sandbox and open world game in which the fun is in the immersive experience of living in the city not the conventional mission designs and such.


jcgamer4739d ago

I knew you would be stoked bro...

MK_Red4739d ago

True and thanks my friend :)

gaffyh4739d ago

Yeah I completed Assassin's Creed, it was a good game but it was very repetitive, the same 3 types of missions over and over again. However I would probably have enjoyed it a lot more if I didn't rent it and have to finish it within 3 days.

I hope they make the sequel better, I mainly hope they change the fighting mechanics, way to rigid and slow paced.

name4739d ago

.... *sigh* To my fellow PS3 owners. I hate you, stop being stupid >:0 you DO know uncharted and ratchet are out right? Just pointing that out just incase you were unaware.

deeznuts4739d ago

Eh? I am a PS3 only owner, and I don't give a rat's ass if something is exclusive or not. I care about me, and whatever game is fun, I'll play it on my PS3 even if it came on every single console on the planet. Exclusives only matter on the net in forums.

That said, R&C was awesome, and I'm playing Creed concurrently with Uncharted. I rotate every few hours.

duarteq4739d ago

I also have uncharted but i know assassins is good. I buy what i want, not want magazines or reviews say and i like a lot Assassins as uncharted. I like games, not little wars because of this or that game is out only in this or that console

Eamon4739d ago

Finally, one ps3 owner I can truly respect.

Bnet3434739d ago

I didn't expect Assassin's Creed to sell this much in it's entire lifetime, let alone so fast.

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