Sakaguchi discusses the development of Final Fantasy

In an interview in the latest issue of Famitsu celebrating twenty years of Final Fantasy, translated by Develop, series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has spoken candidly about the development conditions that surrounded the birth of the series' first outing.

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Marceles4737d ago

That sucks that he left Square Enix....

WilliamRLBaker4737d ago

But he was geting smaller and smaller roles it seems and not being given nearly as much creative control each year, which is why ff7-10 sucked (i believe X was the last one he was part of) and no it wasn't because of the movie, Thats stupid to think they are gonna push out the guy that literally MADE their company what it is because of one mistake?

no it was because he wasn't ok with SQuares turn to being a Crap carbon copy company like EA which is exactly what they've become....How many Remakes of final fantasy are we at now? 4? for each title in the series...and we're on like 4-5 spin offs of final fantasy 7.

ruibing4737d ago

Last one he was part of was X-2. And seriously don't insult Square Enix just because they aren't part of MGS. If you seriously appreciated JRPGs, your comment would be praising his upcoming works and not just insulting the ones where he got less credit than you thought he deserved.

wageslave4737d ago

Why does it suck? The man is a visionary, and he is building new games as we speak.

Blue Dragon really is fantastic, a great story and a good adventure. Lost Odyssey looks spectacular, a great looking and excellent technical feat. He's also working on a Blue Dragon for Nintendo DS (or, as I believe, MS's as-yet unannounced handheld gaming play..(they cant sit out with all the growth there...)).

He's got a MMO game and another new property on the way to Xbox 360.

Its TERRIFIC that he is out of the meat grinder of Squeenix. They are riding his dead horse, and he's got the very good sense to build a highly talented team and create new works.

So far (just BD) I've been VERY VERY impressed. I can't wait for Lost Odyssey and his other works...

WilliamRLBaker4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Ruibing do you even know english? WHEN DID I EVER Put down his work?
I Said He left Because he was being cut out of the creation process, He went from being Script writer, Director and Producer often to just director producer, then just to director then just to producer till he finally left, which is why ff7 SUCKED so did 8, so did 9, so did 10 and so did x-2.

X-2 was nothing but squares attempt at copying team ninajs Extreme beach volley ball, there was no point to it.

And dont act like you know any thing about JRPGS more then me, I'm probly older then you and HAve played vastly more games then you including VASTLY more JRPGs then you, Learn to read, I said HE LEFT because Square had become a Carbon copy factory, the EA of RPGs they make nothing new any thing all they make is the same storyline over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Witty Comment4737d ago



You have got some BALLS man. Big. Effing. Balls.

Marceles4737d ago

I know he's working on his own stuff...bravo for him, but I wonder how frustrated he'll get if his vision for the 360 doesn't go the way he plans, as well as him being the co-founder of Square and them making money off of a franchise he created himself. That's what sucks. It's cool that MS studios has his back though, you would think with him giving his resignation with Square, they could've had some Take Two/Rockstar type deal...but nope. Sakaguchi is a legend's like Miyamoto leaving Nintendo to make his own games for PS3 or the 360... to be in competition with his own Mario and Zelda games, it's just weird to get used to

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Avto4737d ago

hey WilliamRLBaker you are so wrong SE is nothing like EA the most important thing they do is care about their fans rather than making games with mass appeal and pissing of us, we can't get enough of FF7 or any FF so making new games or games set in same worlds doesn't mean they are making copies

WilliamRLBaker4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

They are every thing like EA, When was the last time we had a string of New IP's? instead we Get sequals and REMAKES of games, They've remade final fantasy 1-6 4 times so far, There are over 4 final fantasy spin offs in the pipe.

Then we have ff13 which is what 4 different games? lol what crap is that.

What does EA do? they make carbon copy updates to sports franchises and they remake old games, and they make spin offs, they rarely produce original and good IP's.

I mean hell we now have square makin a sequal to ff4! For the cellphones, Thats awesome great they cater to their 3rd smallest sales make and thats japan, Square makes more money in america and europe.

Witty Comment4737d ago

to have to say that Square and EA are on the same parallel. It's obvious. I jumped ship when I heard FFX-2. I mean... WTF were they THINKING? I refused to even play it. They started to release sequels to games that weren't made to have sequels. EA does it, and Square began doing it.

I'm glad he left Square because of this; he's a very talented person and restricting a mind of that caliber to halfassed sequels and online MMO's
is effing ridiculous. He has stories to tell, and damn good ones.

Maldread4737d ago

Even comparring Squre-Enix to EA, isn`t valid to me.

EA rushes the same games out every year, Square-Enix spends a lot of time with their games, and make many great ones. EA dosn`t do remakes, Squre-Enix do them mostly for the DS, and the PSP to some extent, because the fans want it.

The spin-offs i don`t care for that much, Dirge of Cerberus and FF10-2 i didn`t even bother to play, and i don`t think the should have been made either. Crisis Core however, looks amazing, so not all spin-offs need to be bad. The Sims spin-offs from EA on the other hand...

What company does only new IP`s all the time ? Except for maybe Team ICO, i`m sure you`ll have to search long and far to find developers, which mainly makes new IP`s. It`s just the way the games industry works. If a sequel is well done, i can`t see the problem with it. Was Resident Evil 4 bad, because it was a sequel ? I think not. FF12 also made a lot of changes, even though it`s a sequel.

Squre-Enix is way better than EA when it comes to games. The spend much more time on their titles and get far better results than EA in my opinion. I can agree that they`re similar to EA in that they`re a big company, and produces some spin-offs. They don`t produce nearly as many sequels as EA, or many other game companies for that matter, so i`ll disagree with that.

Strife Lives4737d ago

Lacks soul. 10-2 was baad. And lame.and just and excuse to perv of those chicks. Every other one was awesome too,except 12. Oh well,lets hope they make the next one well.cuz once again,recycling ideas. Gun + sword ,ummm ,final fantasy 8? How much longer can square enix recycle? Their killing this awesome franchise. And it all seems to have happend since squaresoft and enix merged to form square enix.sad

AshleyRiot4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Love the Final Fantasy games even since he is gone SE still make the best rpgs as far as i'm concerned. FF12 is fantastic but FF8 and FFT are my favorites having played them all. Wish him good fortune on his future projects.


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