Microsoft: 'Zune Phone Planned'

Microsoft has disclosed info. that a Zune-branded phone is part of its future plans to expand in the digital music market according to Chris Stephenson, manager of global marketing.

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OutLaw5853d ago

MS needs to crawl before walking. I feel they're trying to do too many things at once.

BURLY5853d ago

Even the recently announced next-generation I-Pods don't hold-up to the Zune's awesome features. For example:

- Built-in WiFi
- Built-in FM
- Built-in FM Tuner
- Standard AC adapter slot (in addition to USB) you know how much money it costs to buy I-pod accessories with these features? ANS: A lot!

Also, you just know that the battery (and corresponding charger) will blow the I-pods out of the water - after all it couldn't be any worse.

Furthermore, you know that the Zune will be way more compatible and that you will be able to use it as a portable hard drive - i.e. the unit will play WMA / MP3 directly and you will be able to take songs off your Zune (not just put them on like the I-pod.

So I for one am extremely glad that the big M is going to enter this market and teach Apple how it's done - just like the entered the videogame market and are now showing Sony how it should be done with the 360!

borgome5853d ago

I with ya all the way bud. I can't wait to buy the zune, the i-pod never really sparked my interest, but ever since hearing and reading about the zune, I'm pumped. I guess I'm just a microsoft fanboy all the way.

TJ199055853d ago

I have had no interest in I pods at all but this new Zune has peaked my curiosty. I so far have used large Mp 3 players to hold my stuff i suppose i shouldve got an ipod but now this zune is coming out can get one of these AND support my favourite company of all :).

THAMMER15853d ago

The zune seems to be better suited for a tech junky like me. If only they could replace my nextell. I really would like to see a game specific zune though.

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The story is too old to be commented.