Official CLOUD Site Opened

It's now Friday in Japan, marking the official release date of the CLOUD artbook and accompanying DVD. Media Works have now opened the official site for the book which confirms all the trailers which are appearing on the Special DVD and has a preview of some of the pages in the book, including one Fabula Nova Crystallis page.

It should only be a matter of time until the Final Fantasy XIII and Versus trailers appear on the internet so keep checking back!

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games4fun4362d ago

tell me when the trailers arrive not the confirmation that they exist we already know that

Counter_ACT4362d ago

It shows us a preview of the magazine. It isn't all about the trailers D:

ISA_Scum4362d ago

I can't wait. Started playing FFXII again to contain my hype a bit!

Azailex Sorrow4362d ago

FFXII is deff a fun way to contain your hype..

but i just hope we dnt have to wait 2009 to play it! =(

stuntman_mike4362d ago

anyone know where you can get this from or if they will do an english version.