10 minutes video of Lost Odyssey fight scene

Gamersyde finally received their Lost Odyssey copy yesterday and quickly went to the point where DjMizuhara's console died so that they could record some new videos. Here is the first one, showing some real gameplay with fights, with of course more to come.

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sonarus4738d ago

visually dissapointing story seems nice though

ThaGeNeCySt4738d ago

I think the game is pretty... the animations do seem dated while watching Kaim roam but i think the game is very pretty... the music and sound is very nice. Can't wait for the final product in Feb.

lodossrage4738d ago

My only major gripe with this game is the battle system is old. It's classic turn base like the old final fantasy and dragon quest games. But to the game's credit, it looks like they tried to add legend of dragoon's attack/hit timing system to the mix (on Kaim in that video).

Yes yes, I know, I'm a sony boy. But this paticular game isn't about fanboyism. It's about being an rpg fan. And if you look at this generation so far, if you're an rpg fan, you better find a way to have all three next gen consoles.

I just worry about this game and blue dragon's future though. Blue dragon didn't exactly sell well. And it's suppossed to be a four part series. If the second game doesn't sell well, we might not see the rest. The same goes for Lost Oddessey. So yeah, I'm a sony boy, but I pray both lost oddesey and blue dragon succeed for the sake of completion. Because there is nothing worse than an unfinished story/saga.

After all, we don't want another xenosaga scenario where the creators had to shorten the story because they decided not to complete the project due to people not buying the game.

green4738d ago

Actually the visualls are good,not magnificent but good.I will still get this game because have never been into JRPGs before and kind of getting tired of FPS at the moment.So a welcome change is highly welcomed

games4fun4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

of rpg's that storyline better be really good or i would think its still a very generic rpg at that. But for xbox360 they could use a solid rpg and being a fan of rpg's i would still play it :)

GIJeff4738d ago

This looks pretty mediocre for a ps2 title...oh whats that? this is for 360? .....oh....oh dear....aha ahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa !

Please. Graphics Sub below par. This game looks worse than FFX. (compare screens if you want). I have no idea bout the gameplay, hopefully its good. Theres nothing visually attractive here.

Marceles4738d ago

Nice character models and animation...I'm not too thrilled about the environments though. The n00b that's playing the game is taking forever to pick an action, it seemed like that battle took forever. It felt like watching the Mass Effect gameplay videos where the guy doesn't know where anything is, so he's slowly going through the whole menu. I think I'll still get this once it comes stateside though. I haven't played a really good RPG since FF12.

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The story is too old to be commented.