Dragonball Z Burst Limit Announced and Scans

It looks like some Japanese developers are finally moving on from the PS2 to next-gen, since Dragonball Z Burst Limit has just been announced for both PS3 and Xbox 360 with a 2008 release.

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SeanScythe5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

Can't wait to see a DBZ for this new gen of consoles. btw the wii doesn't count. I hope there is online battles with like 8vs8 battles or more. On huge levels with destructable landscaping and buildings.

1.2 the Wii doesn't count for a nextgen system because all it has is a new controller and that's it. There isn't anything it can do this gen that the other systems could do last gen. Show me one game on the wii with HD grapics, 40 players online, any of the really great multi-platform games.

Ares845150d ago

Can't wait for the game!

Night4ll5150d ago

The sad truth of it, is that this is an example of a fanboy being an a$$ clown. The Wii was released in the same generation as the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is part of this current generation of consoles whether anyone likes it or not...

FF7numba15150d ago

wii is on ps2s too level. Even Nintendo admitted that the intentional tried to be like ps2.

Lex Luthor5150d ago

Finally, a dragonball z game on xbox 360.

Mikelarry5150d ago

wat i was thinking. the dbz games was the last thing that made me still wanna own a ps3 but now this. this is really good news for dbz fans

bootsielon5150d ago

Are fans of other things that will appear on Wii or PS3, but not likely on 360 :( Maybe if the 360 was doing well in japan, it would be another story.

gta_cb5150d ago

i am a HUGE DBZ fan, i only have an Xbox 360, also the only reason i didnt buy DBZ BT3 on the PS2 is because i have no intention of buying another PS2 game because i have had my Xbox 360 for more then a year. anyway whatever you may think this is a great piece of news for DBZ fans, whatever console you own.

also i dont personally think the Wii counts because of the lack of next gen/ CPU power. i mean its fun and all but i doubt you would like to play new DOA / Tekken/ Street Fighter games which look last gen.

iNcRiMiNaTi5150d ago

if it was free roaming with certain times for missions and story elements that would be sick. the ZOE control setup would be perfect in the dragon ball world

Azailex Sorrow5150d ago

this game is going to be big, but bigger on the playstation3 in my mind, but w/e its only b/c i've play'd every DBZ game on my ps2, but im hopeing people would not overlook it on the 360..

UnblessedSoul5150d ago

You better be able to move your character wherever you want during fights

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The story is too old to be commented.