Are Microsoft The Kings Of Advertising This Generation?

Gamers Outlook Writes "Many people argue Microsoft advertising ability is simply down to the revenue created from their Windows division, however choosing the correct advertising partners is another important factor. Although the Xbox was not in the limelight during the PlayStation 2 era, Microsoft has managed to propel the Xbox 360 into a household name. Sony who arguably had the better console specs wise, fell behind partly due to the year head start by the 360 but also due to the use of abstract adverts. Heres an example of a early PlayStation advert."

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N311V4537d ago

I would say yes. I know casual games who often refer to their PS3 or Wii as an Xbox!

CarlitoBrigante4537d ago

Probably in the US I guess? Here in Europe, every console is a PlayStation, not just becoz of PS3 but becoz of PlayStation domination for the past 17 years here.

SonyStyled4537d ago

i dont know man, im in the US. for every 360 advertisement on tv i see 1 PS3. however soda bottles and pop tart boxes get loaded with xbox ads. i cant remember seeing such a ps3 ad on something besides tv since the ps move was advertised on coke bottles. there is much more 'talk' of the 360 here in the US, but for every friend i know that has a 360 there is 1 friend that has a PS3 too. i think that whole 360 dominating in the US and PS3 falling behind thing is just an assumption based on advertising.

RedDead4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

Not in Ireland, it's about equal.

Also, in Ireland(and therefore UK since anything in UK comes to Ire, it's simply, we're doing Uk, may as well do Ire as well, even release dates for UK are the same for Ire, even if the EU dates are different), Microsoft dominates in terms of advertising. This is from personal experience. Although Advertising isn't everything obviously, since PS3 still sells a boatload

haha, I just had a really crap experience turning on my Xbox for the first time in months, I was trying to find my Videos on my Pc. Such a crappy dashboard. Why so many ads?

GraveLord4537d ago

No not even in the US. The guy is just trolling.

gamingdroid4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

In most places in the world except for the US, Sony is a very strong brand that extends to the Playstation. So it isn't just "advertisement", but long standing brand perception.

The US market has far less brand loyalty than most other modern countries in the world. though...

sikbeta4537d ago


regional sales gap (US) PS3 vs X360 = 10M

you can't be more wrong, as for MS, they have the money and they want to conquer the living room, so they advertise to hell and back, Sony did the same with the PS2 and look were they ended, at the top, so yeah, advertisement works, nothing new here

NewMonday4537d ago

not just money MS has deep Ad research and nation wide channels , retailers and partners, experience from advertising windows over the years. its considered one of the strongest Ad power in the US, its even for that very reason that Nokia opted for W8 over Android(great design wasted on W, but i digress).

lastdual4537d ago

MS has also done a good job in positioning the 360 as the console to get for multiplatform games. When people think "Call of Duty", they tend to think Xbox.

Whether or not that's a good thing is personal preference, but you can't say it hasn't been effective.

DragonKnight4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

They have been able to successfully sell less games as more, been able to convince millions to pay for features everyone else gets for free, and survive RROD. Not only are they kings of advertising, but the media has their back making them also the kings of pushing stuff under the rug. $500 million campaign for Kinect was enough to give them that title though.

SonyPS3604537d ago

I live in Europe and I have to disagree. I don't know anyone with a Ps3 other than myself.

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gigreen4537d ago

That's weird, I think Playstation is actually a stronger, more recognizable brand than XBOX. At least outside of the US.

DebateMaster4537d ago

even in the us. Even know gamers know the name PlayStation.

StrongMan4537d ago

$500 million on Kinect advertisement. Nuff said.

LOGICWINS4537d ago

But remember. That $500 million on Kinect advertisements has already been USED. The only thing driving Kinect now are kiosks at your local Bestbuy, occasional commercials(not nearly as many as around Kinect's launch), and word of mouth. If Kinect was garbage, consumers would have realized it already.

...yet somehow its still selling. Why is this?

Eddie201014537d ago

Spending a lot of money on advertising doesn't make them King of Advertising.

mcstorm4537d ago

Just because someone spends 500 million on pushing a product dose not mean it will sell well. Yes kinect sold well but wp7 which has had the same amount spent on it has not sold anywhere near the numbers kinect has.

But a year after kinect kinect has been out it is still selling like mad.

I remember when the original playstation came out and it was on more or less every tv channel here in the uk and its logo was dont underestimate the power of the playstation. This worked well for them and got them into the market. Ms have done the same this time round but ms biggest problem over the years with some of there products has been them not pushing them. Look at devices like the zune. Everyone i know who got one said they would never go back to a ipod again. Its been the same with things like bing and Internet explorer.
The reason why apple have become so big is because of the way they sell there products.

Next gen sony need to push there console and games alot more. The only ps3 exclusive i remember seeing on the tv last year for the ps3 were gt5 and uc3.

Where ms had forza 4 halo cea gears 3 kinect sports 1 n 2 your shape dance central 1 n 2 and many more. Its the same with 3rd party all that sony tend to push is fifa and bf3. Ms tend to get everything else.

MysticStrummer4537d ago

"The only thing driving Kinect now are kiosks at your local Bestbuy, occasional commercials(not nearly as many as around Kinect's launch), and word of mouth."

Those kiosks can't be much of a factor if they are set up like my local Best Buy. The Move is shown in the same area, and Move is so clearly better as a control system I can't see many people buying a Kinect after that comparison.

sikbeta4537d ago

But it worked out, right? what's your point? IF Sony did the same, could have the same result, they could have casuals playing their PlayStation Moves and use that as a trojan horse for all the other stuff the PS3 can do, Blu-Ray Player, First Party Exclusive Games and s*** there is nothing Wrong with that...

DrFUD4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

Because Kinect has a ton of 3rd party support.
Also on the flipside anything Move related is probably just an optional control method beyond the dualshock and at that point nobody needs it because they can play those games already.
The Move is a waste of money because it's not needed even though it plays better games since the majority of titles are real games.
Also Kinect has recongnizable licensed games for kids with titles like that Once Upon a Monster and Disneyland whatever game.
Put a few Move specific games out and have them be something like the Muppets or some other kiddie thing and it would do better.

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LOGICWINS4537d ago

@Scottis- It was only just recently that my mom and dad stop calling my PS3 a Nintendo lol.

im_right4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

They should of spent that money on games. (new IPs)
But they gave up on that they said, sucks to be 360 owners I guess.


otherZinc4537d ago

M$ aren't Marketing Wizards!
They just have some great products people want.
Its no damn trick!
Make something people want, they'll buy.

xtremeimport4536d ago

Yes they are. Maybe not in the past couple years, Sony has really stepped their game up. But when it comes to overall..no one can touch them. They hardly even advertise the console itself, but when it comes to the Games, they go an excellent job at it...especially their blockbuster exclusives, halo and gears stick out among the rest.

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lorianguy4537d ago

Microsoft have been better at advertising their console, but Sony were better with games (Such as Uncharted 3 being plastered all around the London Tube)

Will-UK4537d ago

Sony really improved when it comes to advertising exclusives. The "Micheal" advert should be shown on TV though.

lorianguy4537d ago

Ah yes, that was an amazing advert :)
Quite empowering I must say.

SonyStyled4537d ago

it was shown on G4TV for a short period of time

LOGICWINS4537d ago (Edited 4537d ago )

I've seen the Michael advert on G4 and FX quite a few times. Don't see how it will sell PS3s though. If you don't have a PS3 by now, chances are that your not that big of a Playstation fan to begin with...hence you won't know who the hell any of those characters in the commercial are in the first place.

How can a non-PS3 owner be empowered by characters that they don't even know?

It's like a person just being released from a 30 year prison sentence and having no reaction when he by chance happens to pass by Justin Bieber on the street.

@Will-UK- The PS3 has been out for more than half a decade now. If a PS2 owner's experiences with GOW 1/2, MGS1/2/3, Yakuza 1/2, the entire Gran Turismo franchise, and a $250 price point STILL hasn't enticed this person to get a PS3...then chances are that a 30 second commercial won't entice you either.