Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - Eiger, 60 FPS Gameplay Video

Gamersyde - 2007-12-13:

Update: Added a replay from the now well known Eiger mountain of GT:HD, but with a tad more cars.

MAJ 2: Same track, but this time 60 fps gameplay.

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Buubar4739d ago

This game just gets better and better... I love the crowd how they cover their faces if a car gets too close to the barrier.

ddldave4739d ago

HOLY SHI, did anybody hear that sound when he hit his car on the side? it sounded so realistic. Forza 2 couldn't even sound this realistic and it got car damage, LOL. not car damage, i meant FAK DAMAGE, LOL 100 mph and only got a small dent. SAD. i'd rather have no car damage at all over fake damage any day.

you know what the F in forza stands for? FAKE

bumnut4739d ago

forza has excellent car damage damage

im not saying forza is a better game but your comment about fake damage is incorrect.

basherdrog4739d ago

if this is not real. real is not real..

i wonder what they will do to gran turismo 6. gt5 looks so complete(minus damage in the video )

this game is EPIC

Frulond4739d ago

2 more months for this baby in the US, I may get the BD version just for the damage modeling, tho... I'm tempted to get the japanese version this month lol

ddldave4739d ago


iMad4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

here is what i like - top noch visuals and GAMEPLAY.

And this tyre's scream sound all the time kills me...brr..i need tons of valium after that sound.. in real life your tyres will no scream so often..bad physics.

basherdrog4739d ago

there is a difference b/w semi arcade semi sim and total sim. pgr4 and gtt5 are both different. so comparing them is foolishness:)

iMad4739d ago

I just tell what i like to play. and i want more people like what i like. so i promote my vision to you. if you don't like it you can just go where you have to go.

JOLLY14739d ago

tire squeek, screen tearing and jump physics.... Oh my!

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The story is too old to be commented.