CVG Preview Gran Turismo 5: Here's the real reason you bought a PlayStation 3

CVG writes:

"Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is some way off, but tearing around the famous Suzuka course in a Nissan GT-R with the lastest playable version of Sony's Real Driving Simulator makes us want to hibernate to pass the time until its launch, like children who go to bed early on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the treats to come the next morning."

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TANOD4741d ago

now downloading GT5 prologue

Fighter4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I don't have a Japanese credit card and I admit I'm a bit jealous. I think it'll come out in Feb in North America and let's hope it's around $40. I'm also praying for the Dual Shock 3 ctrl to arrive in time for this game.

sonarus4741d ago

i hear you can buy the playstation network cards online and they will email the pin to you online so you can download it off the Japanese store. I think am gonna wait though very tempting but i wanna play GT in english

Mr VideoGames4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

i Thought the Real Reason you got a PS3 was to play a Ninja Gaiden Game that was already on the Original Xbox?...i guess SONY will say this about every game they think is good

lonestarmt4741d ago

I guess this is what XBOT fanboys always say about every good game on the ps3, until they finally realize their missing out and can't stand not being able to play them and buy a ps3. lol.

resistance1004741d ago


What a nub, im sorry but when on earth did sony say GT5 is the real reason why you brought a PS3?

Go on find the link

Unless you can't read, this is what Mike Jackson who is a free lance UK journist said in an article he writ for

Krazy Ken Kutaragi4741d ago

The only reason you all bought a PS3 was because it said Sony on it. All you care about is Blu-ray and Demos. Why don't you actually go out and buy some games? In fact don't bother answering, I already know the answer. PS3 games are garbage.

lonestarmt4741d ago

please just look at your avatar, the only reason why you hate the PS3 is because it says sony on it. I can give you logical reasons why I got a ps3. PS fans have higher standards for games, and don't buy every game out there. I got a ps3, because PS was the best system, ps2 was the best system, and I had no reason not to buy ps3. I didn't buy it for blu-ray, I think most PS fans think its just a added bonus. Sort of how 360 owners should look at live. Live shouldn't be the reason why you buy a 360. The games should. The ps3 had very little games its first year. However this holidays, there are been more than enough. PS had a really slow start. PS2 had a slow start. I knew ps3 would have a slow start. The xbox only really had halo and KOTOR it had a lot to prove to me for me to buy a 360. PS3 already had MGS, final fantasy, devil may cry, rachet and clank, jak and daxter, onimusha, god of war, great titles that I knew were going to carry over and at worst be multi-platform. I prefer Japanese games which I knew PS would get three times as more than the 360, another reason. The 360 has came out and expand its libary and hits, and show more signs of Japanese support, which may warrant me to buy the system. Once the red ring of death is gone. PS3 shows no signs of slowing down however. So whats your reasons for not wanting a ps3?? Ignorance and fanboyism. Which is why you have only two

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predator4741d ago

why do us europeans always get shafted when it comes to big games releases, this game looks awsome but ill have to wait a few more months before i can download it.

Mark 14741d ago

Only Sony and Nintendo piss on Europe. Microsoft gives Europe all games 3 days after US.

ravinash4741d ago

MS has to go through this too.

sonarus4741d ago

i could have sworn i read this preview 2 days ago lol but the date says 13th so i am prob wrong.

CVG: Playing GT5 feels like putting on your best suit and going for a no-expense-spared meal at The Ritz. Everything about it is lush. It's elite. It's the most upper class of racing game ever. And we're not just talking about the stunning graphics or super-satisfying handling of the cars.

That really is the best way to describe how it feels to play GT5

slymaddox4741d ago

This game is worth learning Japanese for. I can't wait for the NA release. I wonder if the demo will have downloadable content or will they be saving that for the full game?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4741d ago

think of taking Japanese so i can get games like FF13s and GT5 earlyier.

would that be a little crazy? LOL.

god i love videogames

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