MP1st - Catch Up on Co-op: 2011's Underdogs

MP1st - "2011 has come and gone, and the last of the ubiquitous Game of the Year awards have trickled through the blogosphere. MP1st has already declared its greatest multiplayer experience of 2011, but there is more to multiplayer then competitive gaming. Sometimes the heat of the battlefield induces rage-quitting, creative profanity-spewing, and the KDR sweats (My Modern Warfare 3 KDR is below 1.0; I can’t even log into the game without my kneepits dripping)."

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Best Side-Scroller Games on PC

GF365: "These are our picks for the best side-scroller games on PC. The genre was popular back in the day, and these modern games prove the genre is still alive and well."

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isarai339d ago

Satisfying visual feedback, so many games have lost this principle and it's sad. Almost everything you do has an interesting and Satisfying reaction, making everything physics based is the key to that, watching everything fly, crumble, and react to your weapons, and slowly increasing you weapons capabilities to do so to an absurd degree, just keeps ramping up the satisfaction of how good it feels to play this game.

Nitrowolf2339d ago

Games are great, they may not be the greatest visually, but man do they really push the hardware they’re on cpu wise

RetroCaptainSteve339d ago

I'm a big fan of how you can blow buildings apart with no consequence. :D


Why Rayman Origins Is Still Worth Picking Up After 10 Years

Ubisoft is giving away Rayman Origins for free and although it is a decade old, it is still one of the greatest classic platformer titles.

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Bigman4k712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

i think they should try to make a rayman 3D open world game for PS5 & Xbox Series X

PS-Gamer-1986712d ago

Still waiting for an origins and legends successor. My wife and i were addicted to these games at the time.

IanTH712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

I'll be curious if they make one. If they do, it won't look like they did, at least. Ubisoft retired the UbiArt framework used to make these games, apparently because the tools were too hard to work with across their many studios. Which is a bummer for sure, as I feel those games having a fairly unique aesthetic also benefitted them.

EDIT: Apparently I misremembered. They did say "hence the decision to temporarily put it aside", but they also said "it’s still there, and you will see other things using it". So it sounds like a new game could possibly still use UbiArt.

LucasRuinedChildhood712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Fantastic game. Have great memories playing Origins on the Vita.

I will say though, around 2/3s of Origins' levels can actually be unlocked in the even better Rayman Legends which you can find dirt cheap these days.

Legends has so much variety and those music levels are amazing.

Gamer79711d ago

Loved the rayman games especially origins and legends.

MWH711d ago

Even the first Rayman game is still worth picking.

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