Patapon Previewed by IGN: 'Visually striking with an addictive soundtrack'

Sony has really taken the lead when it comes to original rhythm games on their platforms. The company has introduced gamers to the rhythm of Vib Ribbon, Parappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy. Their latest title that will bring the beat to gamers early next year is Patapon, a rhythm game with diminutive warriors and colorful enemies. Melding elements of rhythm and action together, Patapon's funky style could create a completely new genre by itself. IGN grabbed a drum and prepared to pound out a beat as they checked out the preview of the game.

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Rikitatsu4738d ago

This game might make me buy a PSP afterall

lynx1halo4738d ago

Playstation is always on the leading edge of innovation, and originality in games ...and LBP will destroy all

Avto4738d ago

this game is just awesome a must buy for sure

Darkiewonder4738d ago

Definitely going to pick this game up day one!

redninja4738d ago

I hope they release a demo.