CES 12: FIFA Football – Vita Gameplay

The Vita was in full force on the CES showfloor and here is a glimpse of FIFA Football that GameReactorTV filmed.

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Colwyn3175d ago

every football fan have been waiting for this all their life. a proper football game on the go without compromise

MasterCornholio3175d ago

Yeah I know what you mean because the 3DS version looks poor in comparison. But that was due to an older engine the Vita version using their next gen FIFA engine(as stated in the blog)


farhad2k83174d ago

I've played and compared the 3DS version to the FIFA 12 on my Xperia Play phone, and there really is no difference, to be honest, the Xperia Play version looks more clear and vibrant.

I can't wait to trade in my 3DS for a VITA. Honestly can not wait!