What Turns A Gamer Into a Trophy/Achievement Junkie?

With such a large amount of “easy platinum trophies” search queries in Google each month, there has to be reasons why trophy hunting is so popular. Is trophy hunting only a waste of time? Are trophies or achievements a useless feature that shouldn’t exist? And most importantly: What turns a gamer into a trophy junkie?

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lorianguy4151d ago

If my friends get a 1-up on me, I'll hunt them down like a rabid dog!

That's what makes me hunt trophies.

MkaY4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

I usually "hunt trophies" from the games that I REALLY like. It is only a good thing to get the most out of those games :)

NOW! It would be interesting to hear why do You enjoy or hate trophies/achievements?

ryandebraal4151d ago

I think trophys/achievements are totally bogus, never gotten all the trophies in a game ever, never even tried collecting all the trophies in a game...its a reward system "outside" the game itself to me, an "achievement" is something that leads to better things, like a Skill Point or Special Item not something to supplement a gamer-score or other totally arbitrary system of rating you as a gamer

gillri4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

indeed, achievement and trophy whores are blind

gaming because they have OCD that every human has at least a little bit.

but they will come round soon enough, I was a whore once and it sucked the fun out of gaming. But when I actually sat down and realised what I was doing. It was clear it needed to be stopped

now I havent looked at my achievement list in 2 years, and never looked at my trophy list not once since I have had a PS3

waste of your gaming time, and it took me about 3 years to realise it

QuodEratDemonstrandm4151d ago

So you would be more interested in getting the trophies if they had some in-game reward attached to them?
For example: "Liberty City Minute," finish GTAIV in less than 40 hours, would be worth getting if you got a bulletproof Infernus out of it.

MysticStrummer4151d ago

"I think trophys/achievements are totally bogus"

I completely agree. To me, they are a cheap way for devs to fool people into thinking they're getting more content when we're actually getting less this gen. Games are shorter in general and content that should be (and sometimes is) included on the disc at purchase is sold as DLC,

iamnsuperman4151d ago

For me it is time killing. I play the game normally then I try to get the trophies until I can afford a new game or a new game is released.

bahabeast4151d ago

well trophies gives a challenge for me even after i beat a game ill go back and try go gain all those hard one i missed out. it also nice competition between friends, one of my friends has like two levels of trophies over me but i trump him by the fact that i hav a level 8 trophies on psn and 3500 gamer score on xbl soo best of both world :D

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