Windows 7 Touch Tech To 'Blow Away' iPhone

Microsoft engineer spills the beans on post-Vista OS.

If you think the touch features on the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch were impressive, think again. You'll be "blown away by what's coming in Windows 7," according to a blog post by Hilton Locke, a software test engineer at Microsoft.

Windows 7 will add touch technology to the operating system. And while moving files around using your fingertips on a mobile might not speed things up that much, touch technology can really make a difference on a standard-sized computer screen.

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Shadow Flare4737d ago

Typically microsoft. Don't invent things yourself, just look at things already out and claim to improve on them

ArmrdChaos4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Here comes the fanboy rally cry...they copied it!!! Got news for a little research and see how long MS has had this in development. This isn't some quaint little interface for a cell's a whole lot more. They have been working on this stuff LONG before Apple came out with theirs. Them "trophies" out yet for PSN??? Copying...LOL.

Eo0: That's your intelligent addition to this thread? An "I hate MS" statement and a personal attack...nice. Just go pick up your poms poms and head back over to your teams sidelines...they need you there. If you hate MS so much then why the hell are you even in this thread in the first place...other than to troll along with some of the rest.

I would also point out that the mouse and windows environment concept were all originally developed by XEROX not Apple, so in essence they all "borrowed" from Xerox.

TANOD4737d ago

Zune has blown away MS

PS3PCFTW4737d ago

RROD confirmed in windows 7 at no extra charge.

YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!! just what i always wanted

actually im with predator, fix the lousy pos you currently have in the market before thinking about releasing new products.

Yes, i mean all faulty hardware and software.

Daver4737d ago

so true... Microsoft is as always so innovative....It seems that is all they can do copy things of others...

YoungKingDoran4737d ago

sure most of us use windows, and xbox aside, i dont think anyone LIKES the big fuzzy capitalist microsoft... and armrdchaos is a douche

Bladestar4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

"didnt Zune blow away Ipod" yes it did... the zune has a lot more features and better value compared to the ipod... no one argues that... now in terms of sales (we are talking about features)...

Funny how you dumb *[email protected]#@#$ think that apple invented all the technology that is on the iphone... lol.

It's the progression of all things... I don't think anything is being invented... things are evolving... everything out there.. is being used in one way or another in other products or similar products...
like the People talking about the DS and the stylus.. as if it has not being used on PDA for ever... touch screen as if this technology is not available on PDA....

wow.. someone thought, "mmmm... how about enhancing existing touch technology to be multi-touch".... as if that's not the logical progression of this technology... and here they are (the ignorants) attributing all the credit to apple.. as if they invented the concept.

About Microsoft copy:
There is no invention but simply the understanding of available tools and materials which people use to create evolved, mutated, eolved technology which can be apply in new ways.

Anyways.. I hope these new OS is capable or running Xbox live arcade games and can used XNA framework to make games against it.

While you haters talk about how pretty apple can make the body of their products... as a gamer and programmer that's all I care... Software... oh wow.. iphone.. I can make phone calls and view pictures using my fingers... but can you easly create corporate software that pulls data from your existing corporate database?

Can you use remote desktop using your IPhone into your home computer and download documents, modify them on your iphone and then update the ones in your computer?

yeah... I though so.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4737d ago

MS has copied things in the past but they did not copy this and that is fact.

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predator4737d ago

fix vista before talking about windows 7 please

Mark 14737d ago

Vista is the best operating system available!

Multigamer4737d ago

makes me wonder whats the point in upgrading to vista if they are already talking about windows 7,

even tho touch screen pc's would be cool - minority report springs to mind

THE_JUDGE4737d ago

because they didn't make the actual laptop. They want you to hold your Windows Vista Premium Home Exellent Super-Sweet Edition next to your head and talk to it.

DRUDOG4737d ago

Bubbles for both of you for making LOL. F'ing MS...they are the sh!t, right?!? FIX VISTA you slackers!

PS360WII4737d ago

Well I think the iPhone is pretty cool and it's such a force that it's getting people to work on their own touch screen stuff. Have they been working on it before the iPhone came out? Most surely but now that the iPhone is out they can use it to see what was done right and what was done wrong. The iPhone isn't the pinical it's a great foundation of things to come.

Anyway why on earth are they talking about the next Windows OS? Vista just came out.... this is getting as bad as the next Final Fantasy talk. Speaking of which did anyone hear what's happening for FF XIV?

bootsielon4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

What the hell? XIII is not even out yet! WTF?


Oops, selective reading, sorry.

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