PS3 Review Discs on DVD - What Does it Mean?

From Gameplayer... "We noticed something a little strange today – we received PS3 preview and review code (provided to journalists only) on DVD format… not Blu-ray. We won't point fingers or name names, but further research through our piles of discs revealed that this was not an isolated incident and that this phenomenon is restricted to games that are, or had been, released on the Xbox 360 as well. That is, multi-format games' not all of them, but some of them."

The article goes on to decipher what this means for gaming.

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Violater4741d ago

multi platform games are downgraded on the ps3 so as not to outshine the competition confirmed.

TANOD4741d ago

The article is from Gameplayer but it is pointless. eg EA might give them a copy of a ps3 game on DVD to save cost but as long as it comes out on Blu Ray it is pointless especially if we look at the BD penetration rate which is growing and growing. even Kojima commended BD

BD would be replacing DVD next year. It is warranteed if you take Eu and japan sales and also Na sales

SlappingOysters4741d ago

I ma not sure I understand why you think it is pointless. I think it is not a good sign that developers are putting nothing into the PS3 versions of the games to make use of the format. Even less compression would allow for faster loading times.

But the statement about the non blu-ray disc was only a small part of the article, did you read on to how it explores why the DVD format is ultimately holding gaming back?

TANOD4741d ago

a review DVD disc would cost much less than a BD disk.

so a reviewer could do that to save cost . However that will change in the future

Bombomb4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

we have yet to see a true "AAA" title given from the majorities reviews that would lead us to believe Blu-Ray makes a difference in the Quality of games.

"Looks over to the DVD9 games on Xbox 360, well I do not need to post them."

Sometimes it's not always about how big it is(as in space..hehe), it how you use it.

WilliamRLBaker4741d ago

Tanod says blu ray will be replacing DVD next year....LOL in his dimension every one in the world cares about next gen tech and goes out and buys it as soon as its available.

In reality JUST NOW are most consumers geting into HDTVS they aren't about to after spending 500-1000+ dollars on a new TV to spend just as much on a new disc standard not when DVD perfectly surfices and most of those consumers wont be able to take advantage of 1080p lol.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4741d ago

people said that EXACT same thing about TAPES to CDs.

Real Gambler4741d ago

When they send a review game, it's still far from the release version.

First: It's only in english. Yep, even if it's sent to asia! Unless, it's an asian game. They seem to make two review version then, and most of the time, the english version show up after. Release versions of the game quite often have up to 6 langages. That's a lot more information, 6 different voices, but also coding menus and all.

Secondly: They also quite often cut corners in other area as well. If the music is not in the final stage, they will send a version with only stereo music.

Third: There's usually big warning on the package as well like: May not be the same as the release version. Could be missing whole section of the games.

So not only those review games come on DVD, they likely not even fill it!!!

Sure, for games that are released on more than one console, it's quite likely that they are sadly designing games to be around 9 gig for those. But remember, by the time the game is officially released, there's more room for extra goodies. No need for sound compression. Want to stick the making of? Tons of room. So on one side, you have to make sure everything fit on a DVD, on the other side, you don't care.

actas1234741d ago

Lets just face it, Microsoft screwed up gamers all over the world. Their adoption of old technology (DVD instead of next gen HD formats) will start to show its shortfalls in the near future. The reason is that they wanted to rush their product early to the market in order to gain the upper hand.. the results: unreliable product (31% failure rate), Small room for developers (DVDs), Hard drive is not standard and around 13.5 million idiots in the US that got nailed in the *ss by Microsoft and most of them are happy about it...

drewdrakes4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

actas123 - just like you got nailed buying a platform with no good games? (well except uncharted i hear)

Edit to below: Nope, wouldnt waste my money on it. One of my friends has it though (the only person i know with one...weird as i go to a tech school). Its alright, nothing much better then the 360. So ill stick with the console the developers like. If theres anyone who knows how to keep devs happy its Microsoft (look at Visual Studio if youre a software developer :) )

MrTeenie4741d ago

Drew you clearly don't own a PS3, so you have no idea how great our games actually are.

wallace10004741d ago

I am a fan of facts myself and i don't want a flame war to start but haven't the highest reviewed games this year been on the 360? I am talking quantity and high scores? You hear about the odd PS3 game like resistance and warhawk, but i haven't seen or heard of huge reviews for lots of PS3 games. Then again i only know one person with a PS3 too. I might have missed some titles though.

SlappingOysters4741d ago

Review discs are the final version in most cases... there not retail, but they are complete enough that at a developer is willing to let a journo make an assessment on it. As in it's effectively retail. They don't give you unfinished games to review, because the scores are lower.

dantesparda4741d ago

Its "suffice" dumbass, not "surfice" (or whatever the fvck you called it). You truly are a dumb muthafvcka! And look Coeus Titan (or whatever the fvck your name is). Im "grammar trolling" as you put it, again (even though my point was not to "grammar troll" but rather point out what an idiot William is, but i see that point went completely over your head). Hey i noticed that he lashed out at you the other day. Good!

P.S. I think its just to save money (and yes most of these games do not need all that space that blu-ray provides)

Real Gambler4740d ago

I never said the game was not finished!!! Read again.

I said quite often it doesn't include all the languages. Sometime the background music is not that finished, they simply put a warning about it on the DVD (I've even heard of one review DVD with no background music). Those, and many other things like that are quite often added quite late in the process.

BUT, the game is complete. So you get all the sounds, all the video, everything that make a game, a game.

Where I meant was the the fact that they could cheat. Toward the end of the process, the "review" game could be 9 gig alone. They will have no problem sending that to be reviewed. Before they go gold, they will have to compress some stuff so they can add all the languages, music, and sometime even online network stuff! (Yep, review version quite often can't connect to anything... Why not, server is not even up and there's nobody to play with, or that's what they say...). Truth, they are beta testing this las part, so lot's of tweaking going there in the last minute as well.

Sure, more and more often, reviewers are getting the gold (complete) version. This is truly the official version. In fact, it seem to be more and more the case, since most devs don't want to see a review coming out more than a few days before release. Sadly, we loose. No hype, nothing. You get the review 1 day before release. Almost useless in my mind.

So can the bluray space be used by then? I suspect so. Sure not for many games. If one game has 6 or 7 gigs, they will have no problem patching all that extra stuff in the last minute. But if the game has nearly 9 gigs and you have to add all that stuff, then you have to cut somewhere else. With BluRay, you just end up with a 11gig game. Heck, they can even throw in more stuff if they wanted too... Even a full movie if you wanted to... (Stranglehold)

sloth4urluv4740d ago

You even think about your post?
"I think it is not a good sign that developers are putting nothing into the PS3 versions of the games to make use of the format. Even less compression would allow for faster loading times. "

So swithing to uncompressed data is going to decrease your load time?

It will only increase the load time. Decompressing data is done quickly on the system, long load times are caused from relativley slow read speeds of opticle media (slow compared to ram-cpu).

With your logic If I look at a website with BMPs instead of JPGs it will load faster...

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heretic924741d ago

agree with violator makes no sense to have a multi plat game if ur gonna make the ps3 version kick ass against the same 360 version which is y the game would be made to fit on dvd regardless of what system it was for.

realistically its dvd and those consoles that went the half assed approach to next gen that are holding gaming back. hopefully next year devs will use the potential of bluray

ruibing4741d ago

One reason why there's still a place for exclusives in the gaming industry.

PS3PCFTW4741d ago

you guys got it twisted, this is actually beneficial to sony in many a ways by seperating fluff from quality.

4 example, say uncharted was multiplat: youd have udf as we know it on bluray for ps3 and then something completely different on 360/dvd. why? 360 cant handle udf.

hence if a game is on dvd you can tell right away that the game was designed with the 360 in mind....therefore wont shine as a game developed for the ps3.

so basically, You will now be able to tell which games can only be made possible on the ps3. i personally will avoid at all costs buying dvd games simply because the game obviously is not optimized for the ps3. Of course there will be a few here and there that i probably would buy.

We simply cant forget what developers can do with the ps3 hardware if they put the effort into it, 2006 has shown us resistance which leaves other devs attempts in the dust during that LAUNCH timeframe. recently in 2007, multiple gems have once again upstaged the usual dev excuses of: its too hard or basically "were not worthy". I for one have become very picky when buying multiplat titles, simply because of developer comments. IT seems as if exclusives and first party titles are the way to go for the time being. Just dont shy away from certain gems that are coming multiplat.

UnblessedSoul4741d ago

Lol that picture never gets old it always makes me laugh

felidae4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

"This looks bad on Microsoft, despite the fact it is Sony’s Blu-ray not been properly utilised. In fact, it is becoming apparent that Microsoft really screwed Sony, and by extension us gamers, over in this generation. In their effort to be first into market they built a next-gen machine on old-gen technology, releasing the Xbox 360 with a standard DVD drive and not an HD-DVD drive."

the 360 is holding the next generation back.

please MS .. leave the videogames to Sony.

OpiZA4741d ago

That would be a disaster

Oilers Fan4741d ago

I did not know microsoft was holding video games back serious? Oh just the fact that they literally brought online to consoles...not including dreamcast. Or the fact that some of the BEST games right now are on the xbox hmmm bioshock,gears,halo,masseffect ,KOTOR wow now that i think about it Microsoft is holding consoles back. Wasent it microsoft who introduced the built in hard drive into a console and whoah.... now it comes standard on a PS3. Some of you fanboys are full of crap, think before you post next time and take off your blind fanboy glasses and enjoy gaming rather then spend all your useless time on N4G trying to bash microsoft everychance you get.

wallace10004741d ago

You need competition in any market. I hope the 360, wii, and PS3 are around for a while. The problem with the statement leave gaming to sony is that some people won't like that. Xbox 360 games appeal to me whereas i haven't played any PS3 games that make me want to buy a PS3, then again i haven't played them all. After my original xbox that came with halo i was sold on the xbox. In my opinion halo, bioshock, mass effect, and command and conquor have been the best games this year. It all comes down to opinion though, so there is no point in one person saying PS3 is better or xbox is better. It all comes down to choice and it is good to have a choice of console. It also motivates the different manufacturers involved to try and out do each other so that we get good products.

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BrotherSic4741d ago

I like the way by the end of the article the author is arguing for quantity over quality! lol

What he should have compared are multiplatform games that did use bluray and DVD to see if the extra space allowed developers to create a better game. If they did then his opinion is valid but I would guess he would find that the DVD version is better than the bluray version.

ravinash4741d ago

But if the Dev have more space, then they don't have to waste time figuring out how to compress or cut out data to fit on the disk.

MRMagoo1234740d ago

I take it you didnt actually understand the article at all he was saying that the multi-platform games arent good on the ps3 because they just port the games over they dont utilise the blu-ray disc they use it as though it where a dvd thats they the games suck they never use the blu-ray disc when porting from xbox because of the fact that the games only take up 9 gigs and that sucks its holding back devs and gamers from enjoying better and bigger games for example imagine if mass effect was built on ps3 it would probably be a good game intead of a gigantic bugged up peice of donkey rectum.You shouldnt defend microshaft for this because if it wasnt for them rushing out a shoddy product to get the upper hand you might be playing some really good games instead of just fps all the time.And if anyone would like to bring up the review scores the only reason ps3 gets lower ones is because they rate it on a diff scale to 360 because there not in the same league they have to be picky with ps3 because they know what it can do thats why xbox games get 10/10 sometimes cos they know thats as good as it gets.