Is Rage Quitting, Ruining Online Gaming?

Gamersoutlook.com writes "Rage Quitting not something new, but unfortunately is has become an growing annoyance during online gaming. Imagine every runner in the 100m race quit after they saw Usain Bolt in the lineup, it would defeat the purpose of the competition."

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fluffydelusions4527d ago (Edited 4527d ago )

Depends on the game. For shooters e.g. COD I couldn't care less but playing SWTOR doing flashpoints it's annoying to have some dude just quit and have to look for another member and start the whole FP over again.

coolbeans4527d ago

Start the FP over again? Whenever I've noticed that it'll be another party's "story" and you can start right back the same spot.

gigreen4527d ago

Is that common in SWTOR?

When I used to play WoW people like that would just get ignored by the whole party.

DeadeyeMouse4527d ago

Rage quitting has become an even bigger deal since the introduction of stat-tracking. People just have to quit now or else their stats may reflect their actual gaming abilities!

I am very happy I haven't ran into any rage quitters on SWTOR. It is such a pain to find a group in the first place.

morganfell4527d ago

It's why I have always taken the time in HALO titles to report people that quit. I can't think of the times I have wound up in a match and it was me against 8 players in BTB matches. I certainly do not want to run with them again and it also affects their rep. Unfortunately multiple quits doesn't do enough rep damage at the moment.

Soldierone4527d ago

I think more games need to be like BF3 and track the quits too. I noticed people are afraid of it, and anyone that tries to ignore their quits still gets hammered in the community for it.

DeadeyeMouse4527d ago

Halo has been punishing rage quitters for awhile now, and yes, that is a very good implement to integrate into all multiplayer games if applicable.

protekjv4527d ago

does who disagree are in denial.

kneon4526d ago

no, in fact some of really don't rage quit.

asdlfkj3498as4526d ago

Shoot I do it all the time, mostly because I join a game thats half over and my team is doing shit. but I like how BF3 has it where if you are dead you can't access the menu. I guess the people that have that natural impulse to go and quit when they die have to wait while at the same time letting them cool down.

BitbyDeath4526d ago (Edited 4526d ago )

Exactly, i'm sure everyone does it.
Rage quitting does not only mean you get angry and quit.
It means your team is losing so you just stop playing.
I've done it a number of times when it feels like i'm the only one completing the objectives so i give up and leave.

Somebody4525d ago

I do this whenever I'm with a terrible team but not all the time. Losing isn't fun but losing and giving your enemies free points (BF3) since they have controlled all the chokepoints is even worse than that.

One time I entered a server where my team is already cornered in our own spawn and the enemy have stolen our IFVs. So now we have two IFVs pounding us as we try break out with their snipers and assaults covering the alleyways while mortars rain more death on us. I was tempted to quit but kept on fighting to the bitter end.

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Tonester9254527d ago

I try my hardest no to. But when you make some else Rage Quit its just priceless lol

STK0264527d ago

Yes, it is ruining online gaming. In games like League of Legends/DotA/etc, missing one player on a team is likely to influence the whole game. In MMOs, it can be quite annoying when someone in a party simply leaves at some point during an instance; which often leads to the party disbanding (well, for PUGs anyway) if a replacement is not found in a short delay. It is also an annoyance in shooters that do not have a drop-in/drop-out feature. I don't really care about it in 1v1 games (like a fighting game); but in team-based games, it can affect the experience of the whole team and in some cases, should be a bannable offense if done on a regular basis.

Clipper134527d ago

This is why I quit playing mmos.

Soldierone4526d ago

Depends on the 1on1 games....this is the whole reason I never play sports titles online anymore. You start winning or man handling a guy and they quit right then and there. It's like wtf? I just sat in the lobby, let it load, sat through you picking your damn team, and then you quit like that?

With fighting and so on, its so quick that it doesn't really matter, but yeah sports titles got to the breaking point with it.