Hands On with Army of Two

Lazygamer from South Africa have been invited to a hands on session at the EA offices for some game time with Army of Two.

"This game looks awesome, a welcome change to the typical T/FPS games out there while still keeping the solid T/FPS game play. I have to agree with EA and say that the game is not finished, hopefully the small issues like graphics and sometimes the lack of reaction to button pushes will be resolved in time."

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SlippyMadFrog4597d ago

Definitely one to look out for. I just hope they iron out all the issues

lynx1halo4597d ago

I honestly think that by delaying this game they lost a lot of the hype and excitement they had previously built up for it, losing all of the potential buyers interest, and when it does drop its sales will be horrible, something like Blacksite's weak sales

Neurotoxin4597d ago

Make a predication now, this will be good on the 360.

Fototherapist4597d ago

that once they iron out all the glitches it'll run fine on both the 360 and the PS3. Let's try to be positive people.

solar4597d ago

this game sounds like good fun. im hoping for EA to surprise me with a great game. the aggro system could be a great addition to T/FPS style co-op games, or it could become to overbearing and be too obtrusive.

Rice4597d ago

This game never interested me, till the reviews i will judge this if i shall get it or not.

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