Would Anyone Really Care About Doom 4?

An honest and thoughtful look at a legendary franchise and how it would truly perform in the current climate.

With stiff competition and an ever growing number of gamers with different opinions and tastes than that of which was around during iD's last venture into the Doom series, things aren't looking good for a straight sequel.

Join in the discussion on what iD could do to really make Doom 4 a blockbuster game.

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Trainz4557d ago

Cant say I would, same goes for Half life 3.
I'm am so going to get bashed for this lol.

iamnsuperman4557d ago

If they announced Doom 4 or Half life 3 I would be slightly interested but more back of the mind. If they showed me something to get excited about then I would be. For me the name means squat unless I see sometihng exciting and interesting.

aviator1894557d ago

I'm still plenty excited for both doom 4 and h-l 3.

fluffydelusions4557d ago

I'd welcome either though HL3 I'd welcome more!

RedDead4557d ago (Edited 4557d ago )

I'd welcome doom, I'd love HL3. Opinion are opinion's , not everyone has to love those games

soundslike4557d ago

We don't even know if its good or not.

if its good then there's reason to be excited.

If it isn't good then well there's no reason to get excited.

are these concepts really so intangible, or have we entered a period where hype is more important than gameplay?

DeadeyeMouse4557d ago

Even good games get swept under the rug with mediocre sales. Based on reviews, Rage was a good game, but it didn't sell well. iD needs a blockbuster, and I have a feeling Doom 4 isn't going to be it without some massive changes and innovations to the system.

Saladfax4557d ago

They really need to spend a lot more time and effort on fun gameplay and the script if they want a game to really succeed.

Ghost2504557d ago

dont care for neither. but everyone has their own taste no ones the same.

snipes1014556d ago

After the extreme mediocrity that was Rage, I can't imagine that I would get excited at all.

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mcmmaster4557d ago (Edited 4557d ago )

Half life Episode 3 , Doom 4, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2 = Now those are FPS games that make the genre fresh and fun, innovative games that actually work great with FPS.
COD,COD,COD,COD = ruining the FPS genre with the same crap every year, same old and nothing new
Anyone that disagrees clearly thinks COD is the greatest game ever made -_-

DeadeyeMouse4557d ago

It has certainly turned the entire market on its head by producing a business plan that has changed the way the gaming business operates.

The problem is, COD sells so damn well, and that is why it is still allowed to continue doing what it does, it is also why other franchises have followed Activision's business plan.

I'm actually happy to see the rise of hate for COD, and that is only because this business model needs to be stomped into the ground before it becomes -the- thing and all originality becomes a "risky venture" (even though I still play Black Ops on occasion. It is much better than MW3).

-Mika-4557d ago

No i don't think cod is the greatest game ever but your logic is extremely ignorant. COD is not the same crap every year. It adds alot of content like a new story, weapons, perks, balance changes, game modes and alot of maps.

Alot of games out here rarely add any game changing features into it sequel. So stop targeting cod because assassin creed, uncharted, infamous, skyrim, naruto generations. I could go on forever about games that don't really feel different than it predecessors. So again, think before you bash cod because it makes you look ignorant.

Reborn4557d ago (Edited 4557d ago )

The reason why COD gets a lot of hatred is due to maybe not the game itself, but its influence. Look at whats coming out. They all are aiming to get the 'COD' audience. So many previous games, which then made sequels, lost their style due to trying to 'take CODs audience'.

I gather it's a business, but if it sold you millions, and made a healthy profit previously, why would you risk it all just to 'attain the COD community'?

Surely, if it's good, it will eventually get it's own community?

Jack_n_Hoff4557d ago

you name 5 sequels and then proceed to call them fresh. hahahaha. then you go on to state an ignorant one sided argument, good job fitting so much stupid into one post.

aPerson4557d ago

The difference is the games he listed as being fresh have only had one or two sequels, some released quite a few years apart.

Can you say the same for Cod? (HINT: the answer is no)

Disccordia4557d ago

One of them being Doom. I have a lot of respect for what Carmack has done for the industry but times have changed and I honestly don't think a generic shooter with no depth, story or good multiplayer is going to cut it anymore.

-Mika-4557d ago

No i don't. Id sucked alot this generation. There last good game was doom 3. All the games they made this gen was horrible. I was so disappointed in Rage.

Godmars2904557d ago

Funny thing to say given that they've only made the one game.

Given that they'd have to do better than what they did with Rage, which was present a retro title. A Doom 4 would have to be better than Dead Space.

Vynzent4552d ago

No, Square Enix sucked this generation :P

Rage was okay. Anyway, as the guy said, they've only made 1 game this gen, so it's stupid to say they've sucked this gen.

gillri4557d ago (Edited 4557d ago )

I dont think id have never been a developer with a sense of good game design, they are a tech company first and foremost

Doom 3 was a decent game, as was Rage

And when looking back on Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein...I dont think they were that good either. They pushed the tech and created a new genre at that time which is why they were considered 'great', but in the past 10 years when the tech has moved more slowly their talent in game design has been exposed IMO

They are no Nintendo or Valve put it that way

Pintheshadows4557d ago

Quake 2 was a masterpiece at the time. I personally think it's the best game id have made.

I definately be interested in a Doom 4 though.