The Dark Side of the Pokemon World (An Exercise In Critical Thinking)

A funny and thoughtful article that breaks down the world of Pokemon with some critical thinking. The world of Pokemon has always been seen as a bright and colorful place with magical creatures that exist alongside their trainers and all the people of its world. That is until you start thinking about it all realistically.

This article analyzes the different aspects of the story (primarily Red & Blue) and strips away the innocents by pulling out all the darker elements of the story and the dangers humanity faces in this world.

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zeal0us3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Heard someone was developing a game called Petamon, as less harmful version of Pokemon. Petamon, Got to help them all...

I heard Ash has the power to change his age at will....mighty useful for getting into clubs.

I find it weird that the trainers rarely ever change their dress attire.

tigertron3555d ago

Ash has been like...11 for what? 15 years now? :P

Anyways, just thinking about this has made me go all nostalgic. Its hard to believe that anyone that will be 15 this year will have been born after Red, Green and Blue's release in Japan.

TopDudeMan3555d ago

First you get the pokemons, then you get more pokemons, then you get all the pokemons. Then you get the respect.

ronin4life3555d ago

Pokemon aren't aliens: they are nuclear mutant animals. This also explains why the towns are so small/lacking in a large population with constant reference to our real life cultures and societies: the pokemon world is earth after a nuclear armageddon.

Just like pikmin.

DeadeyeMouse3555d ago

You know, that was one of theories tossed around when I was discussing this article with the writer.