New Game Pits U.S. Presidential Candidates in DC Style Smackdown

DC Smackdown is a new computer game created by former Disney animator Dave Holbrook. In DC Smackdown, political candidates, pundits, media figures and celebrities are characters. The object is to use humourous attacks to defeat political rivals.

The computer game has 17 characters in all, including the top-tier candidates Hillary "The Man" Clinton, Rudy "The Mayor" Guiliani, Barack "Your World" Obama, Mitt "Flip Flop" Romney, John "Pretty Boy" Edwards and Gramps McCain.

The game has eight levels - the first six randomly generated from the list of characters and the last two involving combat between former Vice President Al Gore and President George W. Bush.

Bush's special attack is "nuclear" - with his signature pronunciation - while Gore's is global warming. Gore has a "CO2 fart attack," while Bush's special attack is Karl Rove. Dressed like the grim reaper, Rove passes through and steals the opponent's soul.

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