GT5 Prologue: Menu design video and Images.

Video of the Menu options and car selections for GT5:Prologue.

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DrPirate4741d ago

You can tell by the amount of polish and care put into just the menu, with features rivaling those on any other console (News board, GT TV, You're own page that shows a calendar, the time and weather), this game is really top of the class.

ddldave4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

this game owns in graphics, simulation, and physics. forza2 and pgr4 has nothing on this game.

slymaddox4741d ago

This game is looking better and better every day.


ps3 is no console as seen by these visuals, and the visuals beat anything on any platform, there is cg in realtime, no pc game has that, get out


ps3 PLAY b3yond normal visuals in realtime, get owned

Darkiewonder4741d ago

Really looks hot.

I like the calender. to show events that will be hosted. This and Sing Star really have simple yet powerful interface ;3

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