How to find a Wii this Christmas

Nintendo has conceded that it simply won't be able to meet demand, despite striving to inject the retail market with an extra 3 million units in the run-up to the busy holiday season, which duly leaves an awful lot of desperate consumers looking in every available nook and cranny in the hope of uncovering a Wii.

So, bearing that in mind, where should consumers be looking as the windows on the advent calendar gradually flip open and December 25 begins to loom large on the horizon?

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Mark 14737d ago

You can find plenty of Wii's at Sony. They have been mass buying them for months now in the hope they can unload them on ebay for double the price. Given the financial disaster the PS3 is they are getting more and more desperate.

Blank10174737d ago

If you ask anyone how to try and get a Wii they will tell you that you will have to either stand in line all nite or buy an overpriced one on Ebay.

...and thats what the article says. So much for investigative reporting.

wiizy4737d ago

yeah more wii's are coming people just wait a week or two so you can get the hot product

mistermostyn4737d ago

... the article also points online "Wii hunters" in the direction of, which monitors retail stock supplies and puts the info in one place. Certainly not a known solution.

It also shows that eBay is more favorable than standing in line and that spending a little extra to be sure is probably the way to go.

Plus, not everyone looking for a Wii does know how to get one if the shelf is empty. Seems like a good enough 'public information' article to me.

ChickeyCantor4737d ago

How to find a Wii this Christmas


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